Chick-Fil-A Up-Cycle Challenge.

Right before mother’s day Chick-Fil-A sent me a sweet card with some fun treats included. I got to try their frosted coffee shake and the super yummy spicy southwest chicken salad. With the gifts came a challenge, the challenge was to find something to do with... read more

Burger Bliss in Humboldt County, California

A family’s gotta’ eat while on vacation but finding just the right meal everyone will agree upon is sometimes difficult.  In our family everyone always agrees to a good, old-fashioned, American burger, fries and a shake.  On a recent visit to Redwoods National and... read more

Why you should let your toddler help pack!

Before you start thinking that I am off of my meds, hear me out on this. Part of letting out children fly and making them less dependent on us, well it depends on us! I have recently started asking my children to help me gather their own clothes before a trip.  I know... read more

10 Must See Attractions in New Jersey

Known as the “Garden State,” New Jersey is an outdoors enthusiast’s paradise.  It is packed with dozens and dozens of fabulous destinations that offer fun, exciting and entertaining attractions for all members of the family.  New Jersey’s crown... read more

Take Your Favorite Games with You on the Go

Family Game Night is one of the best nights of the week at my house.  It’s something we definitely don’t want to miss out on while traveling.  Time spent playing games with family and friends is time well spent and it’s time that should be planned into every family... read more

5 ways to make the last day of school special!

I have to be honest with you. I am over school. My fingers are still sticky from gluing pictures on to a poster board for my first grader this evening. I haven’t signed his reading log in a few weeks now and the bottom of his backpack is a disaster zone, likely... read more

Road Trip in a 2016 Ford Explorer

There is something classic about a family road-trip, in fact my little family prefers to drive, especially my husband. He would rather explore a new town, along the way and mark down his next destination to visit. The downside are trips like the last one we took to... read more

Our stop in Ocala, Florida!

I have to start this piece by saying we had much different plans for our stop in Ocala, Florida.  The plan was to drive from our home in Louisville, Kentucky and stop for the afternoon and explore Ocala for the remainder of the day. Sadly due to circumstances beyond... read more

Hotel Review: Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Ever since I was a little girl the part of our vacations that I looked forward to the most was the hotel stay. At 6 and 7 years old, I didn’t care the brand of hotel or even the location, I was simply excited to be in a different location. As an adult I still... read more

How to Teach a Teenager to Pack Light

The art of packing light is a learned skill.  I was reminded of this recently when I invited my granddaughter, Elyza, to go to Santa Cruz with me for 3 days/2 nights.  She came with more luggage than I take on a four-week road trip.  I decided that before we do... read more

A Robber Baron’s Mansion in Sacramento

The Stanford Mansion is a wonderful gem in California’s capital city and a “must see.”  The mansion is a state historical park and is located in downtown Sacramento.   It’s also California’s official reception center for entertaining world leaders. The beautiful,... read more

10 Must See Attractions in Connecticut

The elegant state of Connecticut is packed with great things to do for families on a vacation adventure.   It offers a diverse blend of experiences all in close proximity to each other – from relaxing and active, historic and contemporary to cultural and... read more

Traveling to Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas is not known for family entertainment per se, but it can actually be a really fun place to take your kids. I took my 9 and 11 year old daughters just this past week for spring break, and they loved every minute of the trip. There are lots of free shows and... read more

Free Admission Week at the National Parks!

There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the “opening weekend” of the National Parks and it is for good reason! During April 16 – 24, you and your family can go explore one (or more!) National Parks, for free! The website states that unless a... read more

7 Food Souvenirs from West Virginia

The mementos of travels should be reminders of the adventure.  Taste and smell are strongly associated with memories so bringing back food and drink is a great way to reconnect to the trip.  What better way to remember a trip to the “Wild and Wonderful”... read more

Finding Dory Coloring Sheets!

Finding Dory (the continuation of Finding Nemo) hits theaters June 17th and my kids are waiting on pins and needles for it to come out! As a mom I really relate to Dory’s struggle, you know not remembering information for any length of time? These days have been... read more

Why I Will Never Skip My Summer Vacation

Times are tough there’s no doubt about it.  There have been many years in my 15 year marriage that we really couldn’t afford a summer vacation.  Is it smart with a big mortgage, student loans, car payments, child care expenses and some credit card debit to go and... read more
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