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Family Fun in Bozeman, Montana

I have to admit to you that I hadn’t ever heard of Bozeman, Montana until one day when on The Big Bang Theory Sheldon had decided that he didn’t want to live in Pasadena any longer because of the crime.…

Downtown Boise, Idaho

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Boise, Idaho

Idaho’s capital city is brimming with great restaurants.  From drinks to dessert, Boise’s foodie scene has it covered.  Here are our recommendations for the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Boise. Best Breakfast – Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro  There’s a…

% Best Cities for Staycations

5 Best Cities for Staycations

Travelling to far off lands is always high on my priority list, but as a travel addict, I need to find ways to satisfy my thirst for a mini-break without breaking the bank. A staycation is just the ticket. …

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Ideas for a great 4th of July party!

Thinking of having a 4th of July party?  Make it one that your friends and family will want to attend year after year by making it both fun and festive! Get wet and a little wild! If you have…

Top 10

Top 10 Fourth of July Fireworks Displays!

Colonial Williamsburg – This year you and your family can celebrate Independence Day on July 3rd. The event starts at 9am! From their website:  “enjoy a salute to the 13 original states, featuring music performed by the Fifes and…

When the spotlight gets intrusive

When the spotlight is intrusive.

Last week, I had an article written about my perspective on the tragic alligator incident at Walt Disney World. It appeared in People Magazine. While the majority of the quotes that I had given the reporter were spot on,…


Independence Day in Nevada County, California

Red, white, and blue!  Parades, BBQs, and fireworks!  How are you going to celebrate the 240th birthday of our Nation?  This year for Independence weekend many people will head to the big cities to ring in the holiday but…

The fishing pier on the beach of Ocean City, Maryland.

Ocean City, Maryland

I have seen lots of posts lately about giving your kids a 1970’s summer. Things like making your kids play outside and drink from the hose were listed. Simple things, but things that just aren’t as common place any…


What’s so magical about the Magic Bands?

You likely have noticed by now friends on your Facebook feed posting pictures of the colorful bands that Disney sends in the advance of a Walt Disney World Vacation. You can choose from a wide array of colors, but…