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Road Warrior

Travel Advice From a 5-Year Old Road Warrior

I love to travel with my grandchildren.  That means my grandchildren get lots of travel miles.  My youngest granddaughter, Zare, has logged lots of miles, crossing the country by car three times, flying cross-country twice.  She has taken planes,…

Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho

Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot

A state that produces about 13 billion pounds of potatoes per year needs a museum dedicated to that delightful tuber.  That’s what the good folks in Blackfoot, Idaho decided when they opened the Idaho Potato Museum.  Blackfoot is in…

The Grand Floridian

Is the Grand Floridian worth the money?

For the first time that my family and I visited Walt Disney World, we did it in style. It wasn’t my first visit by a long shot, but it was the first time that my boys got to see…

10944773 - child and her puppy dog with head out car window at the beach

Traveling with a Dog

Thinking of taking your pooch on a road trip with your family? Taking your dog on vacation is more complicated than it sounds so keep in mind the inconveniences of traveling with your pet before making the decision to…

Grand canyon at sunrise with river Colorado

My Best Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon’s South Rim with Kids

With low entrance fees and family friendly attractions, national parks are budget-friendly destinations for family travelers.   One of my favorite national parks is the Grand Canyon.  I am not alone!  With millions of visitors making the trip to the canyon…


Travel Safety Tips

July is one of the biggest months for family travel.  There is lots to do in planning and packing but you also need to prepare to be safe while away from home.  Here are a few of the things…

Famous Tree

Famous Trees in the U.S.

  The Love Trees – St. Augustine, FL The Love Trees can be found in downtown St. Augustine and are inseparable.  Scientifically it’s a sable palm growing out of the heart of an old oak tree, romantically it’s a…

Arizona Desert Mountains and Cactus Landscape

10 Must See Attractions in Arizona

Arizona is what the Old West is all about.  It’s a land without equal, full of incredible natural wonders, one-of-kind places, and a long history you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  You’ll love the amazing landscapes, red-hot…

Rehoboth Beach

Family Fun in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

When you think of a beach vacation, chances are the shores of Florida, North and South Carolina come to mind. If you think about it really hard you might even include Ocean City, Maryland.  There is a little beach town…