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Best Burgers in Humboldt County, CA

Burger Bliss in Humboldt County, California

A family’s gotta’ eat while on vacation but finding just the right meal everyone will agree upon is sometimes difficult.  In our family everyone always agrees to a good, old-fashioned, American burger, fries and a shake.  On a recent visit to Redwoods National and State Parks in Humboldt County, California we searched for the Best Burger in the County and we were not disappointed.  Here’s how we found our Burger Bliss in Humboldt County.

Ask a Local

Stars Burgers in Eureka, CAOne of the best ways to find a great burger shop is to ask a local.  On our first morning in Eureka the reception desk at our hotel was manned by two strapping, young men who looked like they knew their way around burgers and fries.  So on our way out for a day of sight-seeing, I stopped to ask for suggestions on the best burger in the county.  Without hesitation they both recommended Stars (2009 Harrison Ave., Eureka)   Armed with the directions we were off for a day of exploring Eureka and finding our Burger Bliss.

Stars menu board in Eureka CaThe suggestion was spot on. Stars’ burgers are great!  For starters, Stars uses high grade, grass-fed beef on whole wheat buns and healthy, fresh produce.   The fries were great also.  I ordered a Blue Cheese Burger, fries, and, to top off the meal, we had chocolate milkshakes made with Dryers Ice Cream.  The end result is a uniquely delicious burger that tastes fresh—not overly greasy or overcooked.

The staff at Stars is friendly and helpful.  The interior is small but clean and bright.  If you have a large group your best bet is to get the food to-go and picnic in one of Eureka’s lovely parks.  (The kids’ menu includes fish-and-chips and other small-portion meals for the little ones.)

Fun Fact told to me by a local—the creator of Spongebob Squarepants worked at Stars when he went to Humboldt State College and he based the Krusty Krab partly on his experiences working there.

Read the Online Reviews

No Brand Burger Stand in Ferndale, CAReading Yelp reviews gives you a pretty good idea of what people think of a burger joint.  That is how we came to find No Brand Burger Stand (1400 Main St., Ferndale.)  We were spending the day exploring the lovely, little seaside Victorian town of Ferndale and at lunch time we decided to look for a burger place.  I searched Yelp for the “best burgers” nearby and No Brand Burger Stand came up.  We drove along Main Street and found this little (how should I describe it) hole-in-the wall place with a simple black and white sign that read No Brand Burger Stand.  It had three or four picnic tables out front with people eating their food.  The place is really small and if you blink you might miss it.  Don’t worry though, it seems everyone in town knows where it is and can point you there.  No Brand menu board in Ferndale, CA

We ordered Classic American Burgers with cheese.  Their beef is grass-fed, hand packed, and grilled just right.  The buns are grilled, too.  Nothing fancy, but ridiculously delicious!  The crinkle cut fries were OK and came with a homemade fry sauce.  The chocolate shake was OK, as well.  But the great flavor of the hamburger still haunts me.

This is a hidden treasure and once you’ve tried it you’ll want to go back!  The only drawback is there is no inside dining, only wooden tables with no shade.  Solution—grab everything to go and picnic at the beach.

We might never have eaten there if I hadn’t read the Yelp reviews.  That would have been a shame!

No Name burger in Ferndale, CA

Dumb Luck

Bacon Blue Burger at Eatery in Eureka, CASometimes it’s just dumb luck that you stumble across an outstanding burger place. That’s what happened with the 6th & E Street Eatery (603 E St., Eureka.)  We were poking around Old Town in downtown Eureka and got hungry.  We saw cute little burger place and decided to give it a try.

The place is not very big, but it’s clean and modern with a tall ceiling, great industrial accents, an open kitchen, and a great ambience.  It had lots of options for burgers and several other food choices, as well.

Bacon & Blue at Eatery in Eureka, CAI ordered the Bacon and Bleu Burger with fries.  The burger was amazing!  It was perfectly cooked, delivered the taste I expected, and was very delicious. This sandwich came with a soft fresh-baked bun, grass-fed beef, quality bacon perfectly cooked, good quality bleu cheese, and great condiments (pickles, lettuce, and sauce.)  The fries were not phenomenal, but they were still good.

Our service was excellent.  Our waitress was knowledgeable.  We didn’t feel pressured or rushed.  It was our dumb luck to find this place at all but much less on Half Price Tuesday.  My delicious burger was a bargain.

We had lots of good meals in Humboldt while we were there exploring the Redwoods and other attractions but I found my Burger Bliss in these three restaurants—all different in their own ways.  I loved them all but if I had to say where I would eat first the next time I’m in Humboldt County, I would have to say—No Name Brand Stand, hands down.  That phenomenal  burger haunts my dreams.  I am dying to go back and see if it lives up to my memories.

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