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Girlfriends' getaway

How to Choose a Great Girlfriends’ Getaway Destination

Milestone birthdays, bachelorette parties, sisterhood reunions and much needed vacations, there are plenty of reasons to gather your gal pals for a girlfriends’ getaway escape.  How do you choose the destination?

Weekend getaways with your gal pals is the perfect time to strengthen friendships.  A girlfriend’s weekend gives you time to enjoy life without any worries.  No spouse or kids/grandkids demanding your time and attention.  Just you and  your gal pals freely enjoying the world and spending time together. 

The requirements for the weekend getaways are different than the requirements for time away with the family or that romantic weekend for two.  These are the things you need to look for in a destination for a great girlfriends’ get-away:

Atmosphere is everything

Having the perfect place to stay is essential.  Stay someplace cute.  Not only is the destination important but ultimately so are the lodgings.  How about staying in a yurt while exploring Yosemite?  Ever thought of “roughin’ it” at a dude ranch?  Or are you just looking to be pampered at a small, fashionable boutique hotel?  

Avoid family attractions (or not)

Sometimes you want to avoid anyplace that appeals to families with kids—especially if they are the reason you need the break.  But sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than smacking your friends in a bumper car, screaming together on looping coasters, or reliving your childhood and re-experiencing your favorite rides.  Who can say no to cotton candy?

Brunch it up

Brunch is good, great even but so is any experience that taps into your foodie side.  Girlfriends’ weekends should always include plenty of hands-on cooking classes, tastings and/or farm-to-table dining experiences.  What gal pal weekend is complete without a decadent chocolate tasting?  How about a cardio workout while you bar hop craft beer joints in a totally unique contraption—a traveling tabletop powered by a 15-person bicycle?  Or not?

Shop like a mad woman

Shopping is high on the list, but specific shopping venues like cheeses, bakeries, SHOES, quilt shops.   Also high on the list are antique stores and thrift shops.  Shopping is good even when it’s just window shopping.

Now that you know what to look for it’s time to choose the perfect weekend to go.  Terri has some great suggestions for the perfect destination.  You can read her post, Girlfriend Getaways here


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