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Tips on how to get your picky little eaters to experience Hawaiian cuisine.

Honolulu with Picky Eaters

hawaiian traditional food

Typical Hawaiian food might make a child unfamiliar with them turn up their nose.

No stay in Honolulu is complete without getting a taste of the delicious Hawaiian cuisine. Several renowned Hawaiian chefs have opened upscale restaurants in Honolulu featuring farm-to-fork Hawaiian cuisine. But maybe you’re not up to five-star Michelin dining with your little picky eaters. That doesn’t mean you have to forego the Hawaiian foodie experience.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for getting my picky eaters to at try the local Hawaiian tastes.

Rambutan with peel

Rambutan with peel


Tour Chinatown where you can explore the markets and taste a variety of local delicacies. Stop at the Royal Kitchen for the Manapuas. The Manapua is typically a steamed barbeque pork-filled bun. Or make a stop at the Liliha bakery and taste Cocopuffs – choux-like pastry filled with chocolate custard and topped with a special frosting. At the Chinatown markets you can buy exotic fruit like rambutans (a hairy red ball, yes, it’s a fruit!) and longan (which resembles an eyeball when shelled.)

But if your children aren’t that adventurous yet, there is always “Micky D’s.”  Yes, McDonald’s!   Children find comfort in the familiar and who isn’t familiar with McDonald’s? It is easier to entice them to try the flavors of the Islands if they are comfortable.  At McDonald’s Hawaii locations you can find flavors of the Islands on the menu – order Portuguese sausage, Spam, egg and rice as well as Taro pie. In Waikiki locations, small trays of pineapple can be ordered as a side dish or used to top your burger. For a quick meal, try McDonald’s Saimen noodles and add a Mango shake and a Banana pie.

Those golden arches can be a welcome sight when traveling with “starving” little picky eaters and you can still exposed them to the tastes of Hawaii.

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