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Idaho Potato Museum

Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot

A state that produces about 13 billion pounds of potatoes per year needs a museum dedicated to that delightful tuber.  That’s what the good folks in Blackfoot, Idaho decided when they opened the Idaho Potato Museum.  Blackfoot is in the heart of Idaho potato-producing country.  The museum tells why potatoes were able to come to Idaho, why potatoes were eaten and how they got so popular.  You’ll learn all about the production of spuds, how they farm them and where they go after their harvested.

Blackfoot Potato Museum 2It’s a small museum dedicated to all things “potato.”  Highlights of the museum include antique farming and sorting equipment, a massive potato masher collection, a 1,600-year-old tuber-storing vessels from Peru and “free taters for out-of-staters.”   There is also the world’s largest potato chip—a 24 x 14 inch Pringle listed in the Guinness World Records.   Also watch the interesting video on McDonald’s French fries.

Pringle chip +

Blackfoot Potato Museum 3 +The museum itself is hard to miss: just look for the giant baked potato sculpture out front (great vacation photo opportunity.)  The gift shop in the front had funny t-shirts, gunnysack clothing, and potato-related items.

The museum was not our destination but a stop on our way to Yellowstone National Park.  We were looking for lunch but found the museum (who can miss the giant baked potato.)  During our visit at the museum we asked the museum staff for a recommendation for lunch.  They suggested Rupe’s Burger which was almost right next door.

Rupe Burgers +Rupe’s is both a drive-in as well as a sit-down restaurant.  This place is quintessential Idaho—a small town burger joint displaying lots of local memorabilia collected for years.  (The family-owned restaurant has been around since the 1950’s.)  On our visit it looked like the whole town had shown up to eat lunch there.

Rupe Burgers 2 +I ordered their specialty—the All-American Burger—with tater tots, and a chocolate milkshake.   (Surprisingly, the All-American Burger had Canadian bacon on it.  It was tasty but I just thought it was ironic.)   The tater tots were the frozen variety.  The chocolate shake was yummy and was the star of my meal.

This was definitely a great stop in Idaho!

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