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Staycation Survival Kit

What to Pack in Your Staycation Survival Kit

The end of school is coming! (Or in some cases has already ended.)  For us, it’s over on June 3rd.  The kids are going to be out of school for two and a half months.   At first it’ll be a novelty then they’ll start whining that there’s nothing to do.  It’s time to start thinking about staycations.  A few little staycations will keep grandkids entertained and engaged in learning during the long, hot summer.  Staycations are my secret weapon against summer blahs.

A staycation is a mini vacations.  They can be mini day-trips to amusement parks, beaches, zoos, science museums, or National parks.  The list is endless.

Packing for a staycation is a little different than packing for a trip that includes one or more overnights.  I learned long ago to pack a staycation survival kit.  This is a bag of must-have items.  I am sharing my list with you.  The list is based upon years of experience of day-tripping with kids and grandkids.  Every item is in the kit because it has been needed at one point or another.

What Goes in the Bag?

Refillable water bottles —a necessity for staying hydrated.

Bottled water—why both?  I like to go “green” but potable water is not always available during outdoor outings.  Bottled water is a great back up.

Crystal Light—or other flavoring for water.  Sometimes the kids don’t like the taste of the local water.

Wipes—this is a cure-all for everything from germ-y hands to sticky faces.

Antibacterial spray—cuts and scraps happen.

Spray bottle filled with water—don’t forget to rinse off the “boo-boo.”  Misting the face and neck is also a great way to cool off.

Assorted sized Band-Aids—even tweens and teens what character Band-Aids.

Hot and cold relief spray—comes in handy for cuts, pulled muscles, sprains, and other assorted things that come up.

Itch relief spray—bug bites happen.

Lip balm and Q-Tips—if one of us gets chapped lips we all get chapped lips.  Instead of packing handfuls of lip balms I pack one and use Q-Tips as applicators.

Dramamine—one or another grandchild seems to need this ever trip..

Allergy tablets—we invariably run into something someone is allergic to.

Sun block protection—never pay with a burn for a great day outdoors.

Ibuprofen tablets—mostly these are for me.

I leave my staycation survival kit packed and ready to go—just remember to check the expiration dates on the things in your survival kit every once in a while.

Do you carry a survival kit on your staycation?  What do you pack  in yours?

Staycation survival kit

Packing for a Staycation is different than a vacation that includes and overnight.

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