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12 Ways You Know You Need To Get To The Beach ASAP

12 Ways You Know You Need To Get To The Beach ASAP
  1. You are taking a dangerous amount of salt baths (think hallucinations).
  2. You are toying with the idea of a tanning bed (which you swore off of 20 years ago).
  3. You are spending hours a day on Instagram looking at beach pictures of random strangers.
  4. VRBO is your most visited website.
  5. You genuinely can’t stand that person on your Facebook feed, who used to be your best friend, that keeps posting pictures from her trip to Maui.
  6. You refuse to wear any shoes other than flip flops. Snow be damned.
  7. You throw a tantrum fit for a 3 year old if your fruity beverage at the local Outback is delivered without an umbrella.
  8. You had an oil change and the dealership vacuumed the old sand out of your trunk and you went ape shit! You were keeping that!
  9. You keep Knee Deep on repeat. Over and Over and Over.
  10. You’re starting to crave trashy beach novels.
  11. You’re wearing the neon orange shirt that says Daytona that you’ve had since you were 16.
  12. Your legs are so white when you wore a skirt recently someone thought you had white pantyhose on.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms the only cure is getting to the beach as soon as possible!

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12 Ways to know you need to get to the beach ASAP


Charlene Asay

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

I love this. I could use a trip to the beach right now. I was just thinking I was looking super white and pale the other day. Thanks for linking up at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party. Your blog is a treat.