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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s face it, this year has been less than ideal in a wide variety of ways, and frankly thinking about Christmas feels incredibly daunting. Maybe it is because in some ways I very much feel like I am still living in March and in other ways, I feel more excited than normal for the holidays.

Nevertheless, my own children have spent way too many hours in front of screens, so my goal this year was to pick gifts that were sure to be a hit but cut down on screen time. Because between working from home, doing NTI and just trying to maintain some sanity, screens were my saving grace.

Take a look at our picks below. Just a reminder, from time to time we use Amazon affiliate links which allows us to make a very small commission at not additional cost to you.

For the gardeners in your life we recommend you checking out this guide from the Gardner’s Path. It is a great way to be on your way to getting your hands dirty in the garden and to begin to grow something beautiful.

Time Timer WASH – $21.99

The Time Timer WASH is an innovative product that helps your kiddos (and grown ups) make sure that they wash their hands properly. If there has ever been a gift that screams 2020, this is it.
My 11 year old says that the Time Timer WASH makes handwashing easier for him. That’s a win-win in my book!

National Geographic The Coolest Stuff on Earth – $19.99

I don’t know about your kids but my youngest adores anything that is fact based and then, he will tell us the said facts over and over and over…

Uncover the secrets behind our planet’s most magnificent marvels, epic extremes, and astonishing animals in this fact-packed series sequel!

National Geographic Space Encyclopedia – $24.95

My oldest son has asked for a telescope this year and the National Geographic Space Encyclopedia is perfect to go along with that.

The updated and expanded edition of the hit Space Encyclopedia presents the most up-to-date findings on space exploration and research and breathtaking views of the universe, as captured by the latest and greatest technology, including the recent first ever image of a black hole.

Pounce! A How To Speak Cat Training Guide – $9.99

Fetch! A How to Speak Dog Training Guide – $9.99

These fun books help your kids learn how dogs and cats tick and give suggestions on how to train them. I guess you can teach and old dog or cats new tricks.

Brain Candy: 500 Sweet Facts to Satisfy Your Curiosity – $5.79

Unwrap 500 fascinating knowledge nuggets about all kinds of topics to boost your brainpower in this yummy little fact book.

Nerdlet Animals – $9.99

Sometimes big nerdiness comes in a small package–and this little book is an animal nerd’s dream! Meet animals of all kinds–from sharks and moles to orangutans and okapis– in this quirky, jam-packed original from National Geographic Kids. If you thought you were brainy, take a look at the incredible critters in this book.

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time – $27.99

Using your dice to chase Biff through time, Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, is a great game for the entire family. Help set the future back on track by completing events, while avoiding paradoxes intended to throw you for a loop! Super immersive gameplay and easy to follow rules make this a perfect game for the tween set.

Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek – $12.99

If you’re looking for something for your toddler or preschooler, look no further! Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek has everything that is essential for that age: colors, music, playfulness AND it’s shaped like poop. This little guy will have your little one up moving and giggling with its fun songs and dancing lights. This silly poopy will delight everyone in your family.

Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle – $14.99

If you are tired of the complaining and whining on every road trip, an activity to keep them occupied and off the screen may help you save your sanity. The Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle offers up critical thinking with 40 challenges of increasing difficulty. Great for on-the-go entertainment, this travel puzzle will keep your Minecrafter on their feet and your ears happy.

Marvel Villanious: Infinite Power – $26.24

Play for the other side of the Marvel Universe in this card game from Ravensburger. Use your cards to amp up your abilities and deal the ultimate blow to your opponents. Teens and tweens will be immersed in the fantasy of Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, and with three levels of difficulty options, this a great starter game for deck-based gaming.

Capture the Flag Reux – $49.90

This is capture the flag reinvented. The twist on the classic game that adds a glowing element. Perfect for late summer evenings when everyone just isn’t quite ready to call it a night.

Mystic Market – $19.99

Focusing on logic and problem solving, Mystic Market is a card game for the budding entrepreneur. Players buy and sell magical ingredients in an effort to be the top trader. Fast paced gameplay and unique theme ensure that this is a game that will keep your young salesman thoroughly engaged.

WWE Royal Rumble Card Game- $19.99

If you have a wrestling fan in your life, this may be your go-to gift. WWE Legends: Royal Rumble Card Game puts you in the ring! Fight your way to a win with lightning attacks and killer finishing moves. Featuring 30 WWE legends, this game is action packed excitement.

Fun from KLUTZ!

Lego Make Your Own Movie: $15.19

If your kiddos love LEGO and are fascinated by stop motion movies/shorts then this is the perfect gift.
Each page in the book explains the process of animation and film making. We’ll let the use of screens slide with this creative gift.

Soap Jellies – $18.77

This hands on craft kit is perfect for a mother/daughter day or sleepover activity.

Make your own soap that look like candy.

Air Blast Cannon – 20.95

This air blast cannon is a fun S.T.E.M activity and is fun for using with target practice or just blasting the cannon. Built it first and then blast it!

LEGO Gear Bots – $20.95

Let imaginations run wild with these Lego Gear Bots. Using physics your kiddo can build 8 different gear driven creature. The book includes step by step instructions and comes with enough legos to build these creations!

sphero Mini Golf – $49.99

If you have kiddos that are into programming and robotics this is the gift to give this year.
Don’t be deceived by the size, this golf ball packs a lot of punch! You can create your own mini golf course!

Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights, this robot is much more advanced than any other ball found on the links

IQbuds2 Max – $319.00

These buds aren’t headphones but rather people who having hearing issues, hear just a little bit easier. My mom has joked for years that it is time for hearing aids but frankly she isn’t ready to pull the trigger on big bulky hearing aids. These will be perfect for her.

From the website:

IQbuds2 MAX with Ear ID personalization and intelligent noise control features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Speech in Noise Control and Directional hearing FOCUS, is the world’s most advanced hearing bud. 


In my family, sports kind of are our way of life. My youngest son wrapped up football season and is about to go into basketball season. No matter how many sports balls we amass in our house the kids always want to add to the collection.

This is where HoloGear comes in.

These holographic balls come with a pair of glasses that allow you to see the holographic effect. But, when you use a flash, like I did in these pictures, you also see the effect.

From the HoloGear Site:

The HoloGear™ Holographic Glowing Reflective Balls are made of patent-pending holographic, reflective leather and is a complete breakthrough in sporting goods technology, revolutionizing the way sports are played.

A Cut Above Ladies Active Leggings – $38.00

Perhaps the silver lining for me in 2020 is that I’ve been taking back my health. But man, that means I have to buy lots of leggings for my sweat sessions. That’s where A Cut Above Leggings come in. Cute, affordable and squat proof.

Bucker Trading Company Products – Coffee $17.00 Enamel Mug- $25.00

The Bucker Trading Company has a wide variety of products to help you and your family get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Not to mention killer coffee and mugs that can be enjoyed indoors or out. Browse their site and pick out your next hiking pack with a side of coffee!

Radiate Portable Campfire- $27.99

Not everyone has a firefighter husband like I do and building a campfire can be a cumbersome messy experience.

This is the perfect gift for those in your family who love to sit around the fire but want to take the hassle out of it.

From their site:

Radiate Portable Campfires are made with sustainable,  recycled materials, so whether you’re looking to roast marshmallows in the backyard or go backpacking in the mountains, you’ll have an easy way to enjoy a campfire.

Max’is Creations Mugs

These mugs are beyond cute and creative and frankly the best thing for a marshmallow loving hot chocolate drinker.

Not to mention the inventor, an 8 year old was featured on Shark Tank. Take a look below at the different styles they have!

Buddha Board – $34.95

The original size Buddha board is a best seller on Amazon.

Offering those using it a chance to create a masterpiece while also practicing the art of letting go. You see, while the masterpiece dries, the art also goes away leaving a blank slate.

Very zen, indeed.

Buddha Board Mini – $14.95

Just like its full size counter part, the Buddha board mini allows for artistic creativity that is both soothing and offers a fresh start once the masterpiece is dry.

The mini version is the perfect size for stockings.

enso buddha board – $24.95

The enso buddha board is a soothing way to let kids (and adults!) get expressive, with just water and the board.

“Paint” your masterpiece, enjoy it and as it dries you are left with a blank slate to start all over again!

Tell us! What is at the top of lists this year for members of your family?