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Gifts this Christmas that aren’t toys.

Gifts this Christmas that aren’t toys.

Chances are family members have started asking you for ideas of things to get your littles for Christmas. If your kiddos are anything like mine they have a toy box overflowing with toys. Lots and lots of toys, that get forgotten about.

So why not think outside of the toy box and suggest to friends and relatives a different twist on gift giving this year?

We have a few ideas for gifts that aren’t toys that your kids are sure to love.

A membership to your local zoo.

My kids were given a membership to our zoo about 4 years ago, each year when it is time for renewal my mom asks if they want her to renew the membership. The answer has always been a resounding YES! Because the cost of admission to the zoo is covered under our membership, it has been totally fine to only go and see the lions, tigers, and bears.

A membership to a favorite museum.

Much like the membership to the zoo, a museum pass is nice because there are exhibits that rotate through on a very regular basis. Plus, it is a fantastic way to sneak in some learning without your kids realizing it! Score!

A gift certificate to a pottery place.

My kids have been to the paint your own pottery type place before and they love it. However, my wallet doesn’t love as much! It is a fun way to spend the afternoon, and it comes with a keepsake to remember your day!

This last idea isn’t going to make lasting memories necessarily but, for my family, it isn’t something that we do on a regular basis.

A gift certificate to see a movie

Movies these days cost upwards of $50 between the tickets themselves and the candy and popcorn. Sometimes it is just nice to have an outing like this covered!

Magazine Subscription

My kids, especially my little one, love to check the mail and on the rare occasion that there is something in the mail addressed to them they are over the moon! So, find a magazine that catches their interest. For my son, he is sports obsessed, so the natural choice was Sports Illustrated for kids.

Subscription Box

Much like the jelly of the month club 😉 a subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving. I recently found and have fallen in love with Literati. Literati is a subscription club that had selects books for kids based on their age and interests. The boxes are beautifully curated and always have an extra surprise inside. You can send back what doesn’t work and not be charged for that book. The prices are said to be as good or better than Amazon.

Cookbook and Cooking Supplies

My kids are often asking me to let me help them bake with me. When they were younger (more so than now) they wanted to have their own kitchen tools. Grab a cookbook for kids and some kitchen tools and make some tasty treats and memories!

What has been your favorite non-toy gift to give or receive?