Abandoned Places in the U.S

Kennecott Mine

This post isn’t exactly geared towards kids, but I have a slight obsession with abandoned places. I find it fascinating that there are places that look like people turned off the lights one evening and never came back the next day. I wonder about the history, what happened to the people and what made them leave and never come back.

Below are a few links to places that look absolutely fascinating to me. Have you visited any of them?

Kennecott Mill Town

Kennecott Mill Town (Alaska)
This mill town in Alaska harvested copper and at one time it had milled over a billion dollars worth of copper.




Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium – (Kentucky)
This abandoned TB hospital is a pretty creepy place, having toured it myself I can for say that there is some paranormal activity that goes on here. Both ghost tours and history tours are offered.



Land of OZ Theme Park  (North Carolina)


Front Gate at Land of Oz
Front Gate at Land of Oz


This listing is interesting because currently it isn’t abandoned but it is still in ruins. The theme park was built as homage to The Wizard of Oz movie and for 10 years in the 70’s it was very popular. The yellow brick road is still there and you can even rent Dorothy’s house for a night. In the fall they open the gates again for a Autumn at Oz.




(Photo: Johnny Joo, ArchitecturalAfterlife.com
(Photo: Johnny Joo, ArchitecturalAfterlife.com

Rolling Acres Mall ( Ohio)
This mall opened in the 70s and closed in 2011 for good. A renowned abandoned spaces photographer took the most recent photos of the mall after a snow storm hit the area and snowed in through the crack in the glass. Crazy huh?





Water Slide at Disney's River Country
Water Slide at Disney’s River Country

River Country at Walt Disney World (Florida) 
This was Walt Disney’s attempt at a separate water park on the premises. The water was contaminted with some pretty nasty stuff so instead of tearing down the park they let it stay. Who knows why they didn’t take it all the way down?



The list of places could go on and on. What is the coolest abandoned place that you know of?

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