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Amazon Items under $10 to Pack for your Next Disney Vacation

Amazon Items under $10 to Pack for your Next Disney Vacation

Packing for a Disney vacation is overwhelming, exciting, and downright confusing at times. Who knew that there would be a ton of different items that you’d just HAVE to pack for your vacation to Disney?

And then add to your list, the list from each and every person in your family and that list can double, triple, or more! Calm down…take a deep breath…and focus on the positive. You are taking a vacation to Disney! One of the happiest places on earth, and you are going to spending several days there with your loved ones enjoying each and every moment.

That’s the easy part, right? The hard part is planning on what to pack for your trip. Have no fear, Amazon is here. Packing those essentials for your Disney trip doesn’t have to break the bank.

In fact, there are a ton of great options on Amazon for under $5 that is certain to be a huge benefit to you on your Disney vacation!Disney Vacation Account

Amazon Items under $10 to Pack for your Next Disney Vacation

Autograph book. Did you know that if you have an autograph book with you at Disney, you can stop characters and ask for their autograph, for free? And while it may be tempting to pick up an autograph book in the park to have them sign, those can be costly. Look no further than this inexpensive autograph book that will do the trick just the same and is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Water Bottle. Don’t forget about how much walking that you and your family will be doing when you visit Disney! You are going to need water, and those drinks in the park are high priced. Buy a few reusable water bottles for your next Disney vacation and take them to the park with you. Think how much money you will save by refilling them rather than buying a new drink each and every time!

Poncho. Be prepared for wild weather when you visit Disney! I can’t imagine walking around Disney in the pouring rain, without any type of umbrella or poncho. While you may not need it, it’s a good idea to pack ponchos for you and your family! If you have the chance to stay dry in case it rains for under $5, why not?

Snacks. Did you know that you can take your own snacks into Disney? Talk about huge cost savings! No need to worry about budgeting for those higher priced food items when you can bring in your own snacks that are perfect for you and your budget. Plan ahead and pack accordingly for you and your family’s food needs.

Sunscreen. It’s no secret that the sun will be shining on you during your entire time at Disney. While there may be some shade options here and there, it’s still super important for you and your family to keep covered as good as possible! Pack the sunscreen, and you’ll be happy that you did. No one wants to have to deal and worry about a sunburn when they are trying to enjoy their vacation.

Glow Sticks. When the sun goes down and the light up toys come out, believe me, you will be thanking yourself that you thought ahead and bought some glow necklaces and bracelets. It is a win win really, your kids get to have fun and your wallet gets a breather.

Disney Lanyard. My kids love to pin trade at Disney. What I don’t love is the prices that they have on the lanyards (and just about everything else) in the parks. Both of my kids use and love this same lanyard. Bonus. It has a separate pouch to put extra pins and maybe some spending money.

A princess dress. With boys I forget about the princess craze. But, I have a niece that will soon be begging for a sparkly dress. Don’t wait until you are in the park to purchase said dress…unless you want to spend way more than you have to.

Backup charger. Look between the long days and the extra pictures you will be taking, a portable charger for your phone (or other devices) is key. You’ll be glad that your phone has enough charge to it when it is time to snap those pictures of fireworks.

Packing for Disney doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Think about the items that you can purchase beforehand to save you money and make those purchases happen. The less that you have to buy inside the park, the better. And with the competitive pricing of Amazon, it’s possible to get a ton of great deals on items that you need that won’t break the bank.

Planning ahead is key to knowing what items you can save money on. Think about the must-have’s for your trip to Disney, and make certain that you prioritize buying those items before anything else! Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did!

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