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Ark Encounter Opens in Kentucky

Ark Encounter Opens in Kentucky

There is a new attraction in Kentucky. It is called the Ark Encounter and it is of epic proportions.

The Ark is built to the sizes as determined by the measurements giving in the Bible. Making it the largest wooden structure in the world! The Ark is a commanding 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high. Or in my measurement terms really really big! 13606493_10210215292887637_6243982514950855270_n

Not all aspects of the ark exhibit are complete, but they are certainly in process. Phase two of the ark will change the way that visitors are brought into the ark. Currently to enter the ark visitors are ushered in through the gift shop located under the ark and folks work their way up. This will change when the ramp up to the main door of the ark is complete. The goal is to have a winding ramp that leads visitors up to the door the way that Noah must have led the animals so many years ago.

What’s inside the Ark

13615151_10154300259364061_7544127434054362427_nInside of the massive structure, there are lots of different exhibits, some have replicas of the animals that boarded the ship. If you are wanting to get your hands on some real animals, there is a petting zoo right outside of the ark.

There is a restaurant slated to open with phase two of the ark 13612263_10209108217453305_8687857125990708001_nproject, it will sit rooftop of the ark. Additionally, there will be daily animal shows, zip lines, and a hands-on children’s area.

Location and Cost

The ark is located in Kentucky, just about 1 hour from Louisville and 1 hour from Cincinnati, Ohio. The thinking behind the location of the ark is that for 2/3 of the country it is just a day’s drive.

Tickets are $40 for adults, children 5-12 are $28, children 5 and under are free.

So tell us, do you think you will make a trip to see the Ark?


Ark Encounter in Kentucky