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Where to find the Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans

Where to find the Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that is known as a hotspot for both Cajun and Creole cuisine.

The bold flavors of both of these culinary traditions are often paired with seafood, but Cajun or Creole inspired fried chicken is an absolute must-have for anyone who’s a fan of fried chicken. Chicken restaurants in New Orleans have been honing their craft for years, competing for their place among the city’s fried chicken favorites.

Here are just a few spots in New Orleans where you can get the best fried chicken the city has to offer.

Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe

(Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe)

Serving up delicious fried chicken faithful to the creole-soul tradition, Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe has been
a part of the New Orleans food Chicken scene since 2005. Founder Wayne Baquet learned the
restaurant business from his father, whose namesake restaurant Eddie’s graced New Orleans
for decades before closing its doors. Today, Wayne has stepped back, and his son Wayne Jr.
has taken the reigns to keep up the family legacy. The Chicken at Li’l Dizzy’s is simply some of
the best around, with classic sides like mac and cheese and fries to round out the meal.

Chubbie’s Fried Chicken

(Chubbie’s Fried Chicken)

Chubby’s fried chicken may have all the trappings of a fast food joint, but behind the colorful
exterior lies a local chicken institution that has served up fantastic fried chicken made with fresh local ingredients. The friendly family diner atmosphere makes Chubbie’s a great place to sit and enjoy a meal, while the fast drive-thru and take-out service is ideal for satisfying a fried chicken craving on a tight schedule.

Frankie and Johnny’s

(Frankie and Johnny’s)

Frankie and Johnny’s is best known for seafood, but the restaurant is held in high regards by
fried chicken fanatics. Their focus on being the best neighborhood restaurant in New Orleans
has led to a warm and inviting environment. Their fried chicken platter includes plenty of
chicken as well as sides, and they also serve their delicious chicken alongside beans and rice.
Portion sizes are pretty large, so plan to have leftovers after a trip to Frankie and Johnny’s.

Manchu Food Store

(Manchu Food Store)

Manchu Food Store & Chinese Kitchen is a hidden gem among New Orleans’ restaurant
landscape. This unassuming grocery store is best known for offering amazing fried chicken
cooked right in their kitchen. Manchu is the spot to visit for fried chicken inspired by Asian
cuisine, with their sweet and sour chicken being a particularly popular item. Manchu may get
passed up by a lot of visitors to New Orleans, but regular patrons swear by the quality of the
fried chicken that the restaurant has to offer.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House

(Willie Mae’s Scotch House)

A family-owned operation serving guests since 1957, Willie Mae’s Scotch House is a well-known name among New Orleans’ culinary scene. Willie Mae’s got its start as a bar, then expanded to a fully-fledged restaurant to meet the demands of hungry bar patrons. Their fried chicken has earned quite a name for itself over the years, being voted “America’s Best Fried Chicken” by Food Network and the Travel Channel. This award winning chicken is backed by an array of tasty sides, and the bread pudding served with white chocolate is a supremely sweet way to round off the experience.


Popeyes may be a major franchise, but there’s no better place to give their tasty chicken a try
than in the city where the chain got its start. Popeyes has come a long way since the original
location, “Chicken on the Run,” first opened its doors in 1972. However, the world-famous
chicken chain has never strayed from its focus on delicious fried chicken you can grab on-the-
go. Their spicy fried chicken is right at home among the restaurants that make up New Orleans’
fried chicken scene.

Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a national chicken chain that got its start in Baton Rouge. Of
course, Raising Cane’s claim to fame are their downright addictive chicken fingers. All of their
food is cooked to order, and hand dipped and battered right in the restaurant. Of course, no trip to Raising Cane’s would be complete without a cup of their famous Cane’s Sauce, a tangy sauce with a hint of spice that is the perfect compliment to their tasty chicken fingers. Another
staple of a meal at Cane’s is their Texas Toast, which is made to order with pull-apart bread to
ensure that each slice is as fresh as possible.

Coop’s Place

(Coop’s Place)
Coop’s Place has been a fixture of the French Quarter since 1982. The cozy, down-to-earth
atmosphere sets the mood for a relaxed meal made up of some of the best food around. Their
Cajun Fried Chicken is seasoned with a house-made blend of spices and served with a side of
jambalaya and coleslaw. Their fried chicken is a prime example of what makes New Orleans
fried chicken great, and is served at a price that won’t break the budget. Coop’s is home to a
lively atmosphere, and their delicious cajun cuisine draws quite a crowd. You may have to wait
in line to try out what Coop’s has to offer, but their chicken is well worth the wait.
*Just a note, no one under 21 is allowed at Coop’s place**

Dooky Chase

(Dooky Chase)

Founded by Emily and Edgar “Dooky” Chase in 1941, Dooky Chase’s Restaurant transformed
from a respectable sandwich shop into a lively bar before becoming the iconic restaurant in
Tremé. Much of the success that Dooky Chase saw in this transformation is due to the
leadership of Leah Chase, who married Dooky in 1946 and lent her vision to the development of the restaurant. Leah Chase would become known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine, in part due to the phenomenal creole seasoned fried chicken served at the restaurant. Over its history,
Dooky Chase has served as a meeting place for prominent leaders of the Civil Rights
Movement, with figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. meeting with local leaders in the meeting
room above the restaurant.

Ask a local where you can find the best fried chicken in New Orleans, and you’re sure to hear
rave reviews on any of the locations on this list. Stop in at one on your next trip to The Big Easy
And decide for yourself which of these chicken champions reign supreme.

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New Orleans has long been a food mecca, but have you considered the fried chicken scene in NOLA? We've covered where you can find the best fried chicken in town.