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The Best Gift for Dad…no matter what he likes!

The Best Gift for Dad…no matter what he likes!

I have a confession, I often forget about getting a good father’s day gift for my husband or my own father until about 2 or 3 days before the actual day. I know, it is terrible! In hope to prevent you from dealing with the same issue that I have for more years that I care to admit, I did the hard work for you. All of the products below have been used and tested by myself and my own husband.

The Father’s Day Gift Guide below has been organized by category type, so take a look and grab some ideas and some gifts for dear ole dad.Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Gifts for the Tech Savvy Dad:

Clip 2 by JBL – $49.99

Clip 2 speaker

My husband loves to take his music with him, usually, it is via his cell phone turned up. The Clip 2 is small enough to take just about anywhere, don’t let its size fool you, it packs a big sound. The Clip2 also offers the ability to create a daisy chain from multiple speakers, the speakers sync and work together seamlessly.

TrackR by Bravo – 29.99

Admittedly, this gift could be more of a gift given to me by my husband to make his life easier, but I digress. If the man (or woman) in your life is prone to losing car keys, this is going to be a gift for both of you. The tracker syncs with a cell phone and will give you the location of the missing item if it needs to be tracked, the TrackR can get the job done for you. Imagine all the extra time you will have now that searching for keys is a thing of the past!

ReLeaf Indoor Antenna by Mohu – 39.99

Lots of people are cutting the cable cord, including my family. We are using Netflix and Hulu exclusively and are quite happy with it. However, we have found that we miss being able to watch the local news, especially when we experience stormy weather. Enter the ReLeaf, it is made out of recycled paper and it does the job fantastically well, I am quite sure that we will never go back to another cable service.

Phone Soap – $49.99

If you know anyone that takes their phone into the bathroom, then this is a must have product! With the use of UV lights, it sanitizes your phone and charges while it is getting clean! One cycle of sanitizing takes 10 minutes, this is something that your whole family can use…even if it is for dear ole Dad.

Gifts for the Style Conscious Dad:

Men’s Wearhouse has some killer accessories for dad this season, as always. Check out these two items that are sure to make the father in your life feel loved!

Joseph Abboud Cognac Bi-Fold Wallet – $49.99

Chances are his wallet is looking pretty ragged these days, Joseph Abboud makes some wallets that are very high quality. Grab one of these for him and he will have no trouble retiring his tried and true wallet.

Working Watch Cufflinks – $99.99

These cufflinks are working clocks, so there is no excuse for being late, all while looking stylish in the process!

Gifts for Dad who always has a project started:

RYOBI Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver – $149.00

RYOBI is a brand exclusive to Home Depot. I am quite sure that when this arrived my husband shed a few tears of joy. Shortly after this drill arrived on our doorstep, my husband needed to drill a center hole in a picnic table for an umbrella. I watched while my husband did the job and it handled it with no problem. I am certainly not a drill aficionado but, seeing my husband purchase several accessory items for the drill has lead me to believe he likes it.

Gifts for the Dad who knows his way around the kitchen:

STOK: Gridiron Grill – 159.00

Stok Grill

STOK makes some innovative products, like this Gridiron grill. It is perfect for backyard grilling but it folds up and you can wheel it around, which makes it perfect for tailgating…or even taking it to your friend’s house! This is a one burner grill, but it cooks multiple burgers with ease. It features a cast iron grill grate that is removable and can be switch out with other accessories like a griddle and a wok just to name a few. It is available exclusively at Target.

Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost – 79.93

Nutri Ninja Duo

I never knew what we were missing in the blender world until the Ninja came into my I mean my husband’s life. What used to take several minutes to transform ice into a smoothie, now does the job better than our raggedy old blender ever thought about doing. The Ninja has lots of attachments, from a bowl that can blend something like cookie dough or smoothie cups so you don’t have to transfer from the blending cup into something different.

Graeter’s Ice Cream 

Look, if you haven’t had the pleasure of having Graeter’s ice cream pass your lips, then you haven’t been living. Here is the best part, even if you don’t live near one of their locations, you can have it shipped to you. Take my word on this one, Dad will love you for this gift, just make sure he shares with you!

These products were provided for the purpose of this review, however, our opinions are our own. 

The Best Gifts for the Father in your life