Big Cypress Lodge in Memphis Tennessee

Big Cypress Lodge Memphis Tennessee

What if I told you that one of the coolest hotels that you could ever stay in, is located inside a Bass Pro Shop in Memphis Tennessee?

Well, this is indeed true.

Big Cypress Lodge Memphis Tennessee

The Big Cypress Lodge in Memphis Tennessee is firmly on our list of favorite hotel stays.

Opening in 2015, Big Cypress Lodge and Bass Pro Shop came to Memphis at quite possibly the perfect time. You see, with the addition of the FedEx Arena for the Pro Basketball team, it caused the once state of the art Pyramid Arena to close its doors. Leaving the breathtaking structure to sit empty for close to 10 years.

Enter Bass Pro Shops. Grand plans in hand, history was made in many ways. Starting with the renovation of the former basketball arena into a 103 room hotel anchored on to the world’s largest Bass Pro Shop.

About the Big Cypress Lodge

My family and I were fortunate enough to stay in one of the standard rooms that Big Cypress Lodge offers. Trust me, this room was anything but ‘standard.’

The vaulted ceiling gave the room a large feel, but beyond the feel was the fact that the room was actually much larger than normal hotel rooms. We had plenty of room to spread out, and give each other the much-needed space we all craved after a lengthy car ride.

Standard Room at Big Cypress Lodge

With a working (gas) fireplace and large screened in porch with rocking chair, the accommodations were unlike any standard hotel room that I have ever been in. The sweet smell of the freshly made treats from Bass Pro Shop wafted up to our balcony practically making our mouths water!

The bathroom though? The bathroom is what weary travelers and mom’s dreams are made of. I am so sad that I didn’t get a chance to grab a book and soak in the giant tub.

Bathroom at Big Cypress Lodge

Amenities of Big Cypress Lodge

Relax at the spa

Upon exploring, the hotel property my family and I discovered there is a spa on site.

Fellow mamas, book a massage and send the rest of your crew to explore the retail store. Trust me. The hubs will be happy, the kids will be entertained and you will be relaxed. It is a win-win for everyone!

Get your workout on

My oldest was getting ready for his state championship meet in cross country and while we were on the trip. The workout room was beautiful with all the equipment that you could need for exercise while on vacation.

Things to do while staying at Big Cypress Lodge

Given the fact that the hotel is located inside of a Bass Pro Shop, or is it the other way around? Either way, there is so much to do during a stay at Big Cypress Lodge that you and your family wouldn’t have to leave the property if you didn’t want to. Chances are, that other activities have been planned for your Memphis trip.

That being said, I would add on an extra day at Big Cypress so that you can enjoy everything without having to cram in all of the activities!

Restaurants at Big Cypress Lodge:

There are two restaurants on site, my family was fortunate to eat at both of them during our stay.

The Lookout Restaurant

The Lookout at the Pyramid

Our first stop was at the Lookout Restaurant. This restaurant is pretty special even before the first bite of food! The restaurant itself sits atop the Memphis Pyramid. The only way to get there is via the world’s largest free-standing elevator.

The restaurant is surrounded by observation decks for restaurant goers and those who want to take a ride to the top to take a look. Just a note, if you aren’t a guest of the hotel, there is a fee to go up the elevator, but in my opinion, it is worth it!

The restaurant itself is what I would consider upscale, perfect for a date night or even a girls night. The kids were with us, and it wasn’t so formal that I felt out of place with my 2 small boys.

Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill

Uncle Bucks at Big Cypress Lodge

We visited Uncle Buck’s for breakfast and it was such a fun way to start the day. The breakfast was the traditional fare that you’d expect but it was tasty and perfect to fuel my family for the day.

If you go for lunch or dinner, grab a burger or an order of fish and chips and head out to the patio to enjoy your meal. The set up makes you feel like

Uncle Bucks is part bowling alley part restaurant. We decided to bring our stay at the Big Cypress Lodge to a close with a game of bowling before we hit the road. It was such a cool space for bowling and my kids had a great time. Bowling as a family reminded my husband and I that we need to do that at home more often!

Uncle Buck's Fishbowl

Explore Bass Pro Shop

Not to point out the obvious, but while staying at Big Cypress Lodge, take advantage of the space that you are visiting. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore in the store. Not to mention there is an archery and firearms range to test your skill, there is an additional fee that applies. Grab some homemade fudge or roasted nuts and stroll the aisles, smell the candles or just people watch.

If you are looking for something different when it comes to hotel stays and activities, I really can’t recommend Big Cypress Lodge enough. My kids keep asking if we can go back and stay longer the next time we go!

If you are looking for things to do while you are visiting Memphis, be sure to check out our article about just that!

Stay in the coolest hotel in Memphis! The Big Cypress Lodge in Memphis is located in the Bass Pro Shop.

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