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Spoiler Free Black Panther Movie Review

Spoiler Free Black Panther Movie Review

There is a new Marvel movie in town that is taking the movie scene by storm. We were fortunate enough to get to see it before it was officially released. Read below for a synopsis of the movie and the million dollar question, is it appropriate for kids?

What’s The Black Panther Movie About?

Black Panther uses a mix of humor and action to present the comic book hero on the big screen in this latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film follows the newly crowned king of Wakanda, T’challa, and his allies. The new king’s leadership is tested when an outsider that stole vibranium (the strongest substance on Earth) from them reappears with the help of a new villain out for vengeance.

The city of Wakanda is a technologically advanced city but the populous still adhere to their ancient traditions in many aspects of their life, from rituals to farming the Wakandan’s don’t let their technology change who they are.

Themes woven throughout Black Panther

The theme of this film can be identified as responsibility and identity; Wakanda pretends to be a third world African country while keeping their technology a secret from the world.

The director states “what value is strength unless you’re using it help someone.” While the rest of the world is at war with each other Wakanda refuses to join the fight.

Some leaders of the African nation want to share what they have with the world while others want to keep it protected. The true conflict comes from this notion; to help others or to protect ourselves.

Is The Black Panther Movie ok for Children?

The film is one suitable for both children and adults, looking past the mild language and gestures in the movie the message presented is one all should see.

The film presents the message that if you have something special, share it with the world; use it for good, help people. Don’t let your appearance on the surface define what others see you as.

We are all on this Earth together, we all bleed red, and we are one tribe. This movie will truly keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, so make sure you stay.

Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is: