Family Fun in Bozeman, Montana

Family Fun in Bozeman Montana

I have to admit to you that I hadn’t ever heard of Bozeman, Montana until one day when on The Big Bang Theory Sheldon had decided that he didn’t want to live in Pasadena any longer because of the crime. He did research and came to the conclusion that Bozeman was the place for him.

I digress.

So when I read an article in Travel + Leisure recently saying that Bozeman was a top destination for 2016, I decided that I wanted to know more!

What to do in Bozeman Montana.

Bozeman borders Yellowstone National park, so naturally, there are a lot of those types of activities to take part in. Hiking and rafting in the park top my list of things to do while in town.

If you book a trip during the winter months you can even take part in a dog sled adventure!

Year round the Rocky Creek Farm is open for business selling seasonal you pick produce. From strawberries and raspberries in the summer months to pumpkins and Christmas trees in the winter months.

imagesThe Montana Grizzly Encounter is a sanctuary for bears that were saved from sad situations and could never been turned out into the wild. So these animals are living a life of luxury and you and your family get the chance to see them up close and personal!


If you or your traveling companion is into fly fishing then you can’t miss staying at the Firehole Ranch! The ranch takes great pride in serving fantastic cuisine and serving up great adventures. Here is the catch, The ranch is only open for 15 weeks in the summer and only accepts 22 guests at a time. So if you think that you would be interested in staying at the ranch, you’d better book early!

Bozeman-Hot-Springs-2A-1024x682Be sure when you are packing for your trip you throw in your bathing suit. Bozeman has about 12 hot springs that will help you soak away your aches and pains! The best part it is only $5 to use the springs!

If you think that your family could use some one on one time with nature, book a trip to Bozeman Montana and explore!

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