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Located close enough to town to be near modern day conveniences but far enough away that the city is the last place on your mind.

This picturesque place is C Lazy U Ranch, near Grandby, Colorado. Making the 2016 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards, this ranch is the height of luxury retreats.

I was lucky enough to stay at the ranch in mid-September, which in my opinion is the perfect time to visit – the aspen trees were just starting to change.

8 Things You Need to Know About C Lazy U Ranch

  1. Kid’s Summer Program.

    C Lazy U Ranch offers a robust summer program for children full of games, activities, and other fun. However, it is important to note that children are only allowed to eat with their families during breakfast. 

  2. Dinner Time

    Love dressing up? Then you’ll enjoy the fact that dinner is extremely formal. Seats are assigned upon your arrival and you eat with the same group each evening.

     Dinner is served family style with a pre-set menu and can last for an hour or two, lunch is a little less formal with 2 options to choose from and while we were there lunch was served poolside. Breakfast was honestly my favorite meal, as you could choose from either the buffet or ordering off the menu. 

  3. The Spa

    The spa is amazing. We did the copper tub soaks – which I highly recommend. It was very romantic and relaxing. We got to peak in the massage treatment rooms and the tables sit over plexiglass that allows you a peek into the river below while you are getting your massage. The only note that I have is that if you need to use the restroom before changing in their very nice space, you will have to use one of the porta potties. Now, the porta potties were clean, but still. 

  4. Extra Activities.

    Some activities are included, but not all are. This might be a bit of a shock given the price point, it was for us, especially since the ranch we had recently visited offered those things as a part of the package. The activities that have an additional price tag are, guided fly fishing, a large zip line, and trap shooting.

  5. The cabins

     The ranch accommodations are stunning, allowing for luxury while being in the middle of nowhere. The perfect marriage for those who like to camp and those who don’t. Our cabin had a front room which featured a combo living space in on half of the room and 2 twin beds on the other half of the space. The large master had a king size bed and a large closet, but what surprised me the most was the bathroom. The heated tile floor in the bathroom was a welcome surprise in the cool mornings that Colorado has in mid-September. 

    Our cabin was one of the furthest flung from the main lodge, which is where all of the meals were located as well as where we  met for the activities. I have to be honest, it was a long haul and it wasn’t a trip that we wanted to make repeatedly.

  6. Horseback Riding

    We enjoyed our horseback ride and our wrangler was quite nice. You are assigned the same horse for the entire week, allowing for some bonding time and for you to get used to riding a horse. They are saddled each morning and wait for riders until turn out. If you don’t plan to ride again after your first ride of the day, let the staff know so that they can take the tack off your horse, those saddles aren’t light, you know! While we were on our ride, we saw some mule deer, but other guests of the ranch have reported seeing moose and elk, so be sure to keep your eyes open for wildlife! 

  7. The Jingle

    The jingle happens each morning and evening and is a time where the horses are brought in from pasture and let out in the evening. It is a sight to see, as the horses are running in a very large group to the designated location. I couldn’t believe that all of the horses stayed together. 

  8. Archery.

    I tried archery for the first time and LOVED it. They have several different target ranges to practice on. We had a very patient instructor which was greatly appreciated.  There are also opportunities to try your hand at the bb gun range or even a round of hatchet throwing. I stuck with the archery because as it turns out I was pretty good and I really enjoyed it! 

This award-winning ranch created unforgettable memories – my favorite parts were certainly the copper tub baths at the spa, the archery, and horseback riding. This luxurious ranch has breathtaking views and allows for some intimate one-on-one time. Learn more about the C Lazy U Ranch here – we hope you make as many wonderful memories as we did.


8 Things to know about C Lazy U Ranch

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