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Campfire Family Fun

Campfire Family Fun

It’s October and for many that means campfires!  If you are planning some campfire fun with your kiddo’s we have some recommendation to help make it memorable.

campfire fun


The go-to meal for campfire cooking is, of course, the traditional hot dog.  As un-American as it is, some people don’t actually like hot dogs, my daughter included.  The easiest are foil packets cooked on hot coals before you have an actual roaring fire.  But if you want to cook over an actual fire with a skewer then you can go with a ham and cheese sandwich.  On bread, spread mayonnaise, ham, cheese, and pickles.   Top with another slice of bread, and cut the sandwich into quarters. Toast each quarter on the skewer until the cheese melts.  Bam!

Sweet Treats

S’mores are great, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of other fun treats you can make with a campfire.

One of our favorites is the Campfire Cinnamon Roll. Check out the recipe below for this very simple but yummy treat!

Campfire Cinnamon Roll:

  • Combine 1 tbsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar in small bowl
  • Separate a package of crescent rolls and wrap one around the skewer.
  • Roll it in the cinnamon and sugar then cook it over the campfire.
  • Make sure to cook it on all sides and I don’t advise putting it directly into the flame.
  • For added goodness mix 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 2-3 tbsp water together to make a glaze and drizzle over cooked roll-up.


There are hundreds of campfire games to choose from but sometimes it can be tricky to find one that is fun for kids and adults, large groups and small groups. One that is always fun is the alphabet camping memory game. The first person starts with “I went camping and brought with me my A apples.” Then the next person says, “I went camping and I brought A apples and a B boat.” Then the next person is C and so on.  Continue around until the whole alphabet is used.


No campfire gathering is complete wit out joyous singing (unless I am with you, then you might want to skip the singing. While adults may not really enjoy this activity, kids will file the campfire songs away in their memories and someday will pull those memories and smile.  Try songs like “The Green Grass Grew All Around” or “Going On A Bear Hunt”


What kid doesn’t love a bedtime story? Online you can find hundreds of scary stories that are sure to make your kids terrified to go to sleep.  Or if that is a little extreme you can always tell them something a little on the tamer side.  Remember that story about the girl who hears the dripping sound and is comforted by the dog under her bed who licks her hand only to find out later that the dripping is the dog hanging in the shower and the killer is the one under the bed licking her hand?  That’s a great one for little imaginations!

What types of foods and games do you and your family enjoy when gathered around the campfire?