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when you have to cancel a trip

When you have to cancel your trip.

Last weekend Terri and I were scheduled to take off on a fun, fast weekend in Chicago with 2 of our kids. We had everything planned and we were very very excited for our adventure together.

Thursday night rolled around, and I had hit send on a text message to Terri that said “I am packed.” Not 2 minutes later a weather report popped up on Facebook that was concerning. A winter weather system was heading right towards Chicago.

After an agonizing (what seemed like an eternity) of back and forth about different outcomes we made the hard decision to call off our trip.

Every situation varies but it is very important to go with your gut.  Here were some of the deciding factors that we used when determining what to do.

11012281-winter-with-snow-flakes-on-car-screenWe knew that we would encounter some winter weather, mainly snow and brutal temperatures. Our plan was to leave right after we finished our 9-5 job. Chicago is 5 hours away from Louisville, with perfect traffic conditions. Everyone knows that driving in Chicago isn’t perfect weather conditions, even if it is bright and sunny.

The threat of encountering snow, in the dark. I recently purchased a new car and have yet to drive it in the snow.

We were planning to park the car in a garage and walk to our destinations. While this wasn’t a deal breaker we were going to be traveling with 2 kids that were 6 years old. You can almost hear the whining now can’t you?

Our parking was reserved and was refundable through ParkWhiz, which was a bonus. It was very quickly refunded back to my original payment method. I highly recommend that service for saving on parking in big cities!

With those factors good (like ParkWhiz) and bad (like the potential bad weather) we decided not to take the trip. To some (like our husbands) they thought we were silly, but at the end of the day no matter what you do when traveling it is important to feel comfortable in your decision.

As it turns out the weather report was overblown (as it sometimes tends to be) but the upside is we had some great quality time with our families and got to lay low right before the holiday season gets out of control busy.

Have you ever had to cancel a trip? What were your deciding factors?

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