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How Dosh saved me cash on our last trip

How Dosh saved me cash on our last trip

We have branched out into a whole new world of competitive sports, more on that later.

With competitive sports comes travel and as you know with travel comes expense.

For our little track team the Junior Olympics wasn’t ever on our radar when we were planning out our summer. Last week we found ourselves on the road to Lawrence, Kansas.

Enter Dosh.

I shared previously that Dosh helped me find and get cash back instantly on a wide variety of food places around our town.


I used Dosh in the same capacity when we were in Lawrence, and then added a different function. I used it to replace my typical use of online review sites.

Dosh can determine your location or you can do some research ahead of time to help plan out the spots you are going to visit during your trip.

Because I knew that I wanted to spend smartly and any chance I could earn cash back I was going to take it.

The best part for me is that I don’t have to save receipts or scan bar codes of products that I have purchased. Those are the apps that I have let go to the app graveyard.

The buzz that comes from the Dosh push notification seconds after paying, gives me a sweet satisfaction and makes the expense of a last minute trip just a little bit easier.