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Earn Cashback effortlessly with Dosh

Earn Cashback effortlessly with Dosh
This post is sponsored by Dosh,  however all opinions are my own. 

There is a new cash back app on the market and we’ve given it a try and are excited to share about it with you!

Dosh is a cash back app that doesn’t require much effort, which instantly grabbed our attention.

There are no receipts or barcodes to scan which is a good thing because I only used those programs fleetingly. Read, I maybe used it once or twice before it became too cumbersome. Making it home with receipts can sometimes be an act of God for me.

Enter Dosh

This app links with your debit card and gives you credit instantly when a purchase is made.

Yes, I know it seems a bit scary to enter your debit card, but you can rest assured in the security of the Dosh application.

Upon adding my debit card, I instantly received a $5 bonus for adding my card to the app. A few days later, my family and I headed to a local restaurant and 7% of our order was instantly added to my Dosh balance.

Dosh Cashback app

Dosh Rewards Travelers

As you know (hopefully) by now, we travel frequently and earning cash back can be cumbersome when you try to keep track of the different points programs.

Dosh is changing that game by giving instant cash back on select hotels and even attractions!

In fact, we weren’t planning on spending the summer traveling for track meets for my son. But here we are 2 qualifying meets into the journey and we need a hotel stay.

Dosh gives you as much as $20 back on a 1-night stay. So, the unexpected expenses of traveling for track this year are made just a little bit better.

How to sign up

If you follow the link below (preferably on your mobile phone) enter your card number to jump start the savings.

Just a disclaimer, signing up for the app this way helps support this site by paying for the coffee needed to churn out great content.

If you download it be sure to comment and tell us how you like it!

Easy Cash back with Dosh