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Eyewear Insight: My favorite new accessory

Eyewear Insight: My favorite new accessory

I am the poster child for needing new glasses. It is a chore that I put off for 2 reasons.

#1 If I can’t keep up with my eyebrow waxing appointments for appearance sake, I have an especially hard time making an appointment for glasses. I become SO very indecisive when I am in stores, but online with a tool for trying glasses on, I make my decisions quickly.

#2 Glasses are so expensive in the store. To the point, I decided to suffer for two years with the same pair of glasses that were scratched and quite frankly gave me a pretty nasty headache at the end of a  long work day.

Enter Eyewear Insight. 

I was fortunate to receive a pair of glasses suited to my prescription.Not to mention the fact that the pair that I chose was $90, complete with transition type lenses. While I totally love these new glasses and get complimented on them on a daily basis.  I love the service that I received more.

While I totally love these new glasses and get complimented on them on a daily basis.  I love the service that I received more.

Outstanding Customer Service

Just a few minutes after placing my order online I got a text saying that a measurement I had submitted was a little off and would I mind taking the measurement again.

I was blown away.

Had I ordered from any other company the order would have been processed without another thought. I had my husband help me take the measurement and I texted back the corrected measurement.

About a week later I got another text, that started with an apology. They had gotten the glasses in from the manufacturer but transition feature wasn’t added to the lenses. But they were going to still send the pair that was ready and have the manufacturer do a remake with transitions and let me keep both pairs.

I stalked my mailbox and when they arrived I put them on and the prescription was wrong. I was devastated.

I logged on to the site and I had selected “+” instead of “-“. You have got to be kidding me, I couldn’t believe that I had made that mistake!

I quickly texted stating my error, to find out to my delight that there was still time to change MY error on the prescription.

My family’s vacation was quickly approaching and I really worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the glasses in time for our trip to the Sunshine state.

I stayed in constant contact with them and they were overnighted to me, at no additional cost to ensure that I got them before heading out of town.

Talk about customer service!

Customer for life

The quality of the frames and lenses that I received are enough for me to order again, even without the exceptional customer service. When the fantastic service that I received is factored in, my loyalty is for life. I have been telling everyone that I know about the service to the point that I am sure they are tired of hearing about it.


My new Favorite Accessory Eyewear Insight