5 More Places to See Fall Color

more places to see fall colors

Inspired by an earlier blog about the best places to see the fall colors, I decided to put together my own list. My family embraces fall with a passion, from pumpkin picking to state fairs. We love it all. One of our favorite things to see is the fall leaves. Here are a few places we’ve visited or heard of that give us those awe-inspiring fall colors we look forward to every year.  


  1. Brown County, Indiana

    .There’s the town, which has nice shopping, but you really need to go to the local national forests. According to Brown County, they feature over 170,000 acres of forested land. Let me tell you, the views are breathtaking and it’s the perfect spot for fall colors in the Midwest.

  2. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

     My mother is from Tennessee and I remember spending fall break driving through the Rocky Mountains and reveling in the beautiful colors. Whether you are just driving through or actually stop at any of the national forests in the mountains, they are worth the trip.

  3. Grafton Notch State Park, Maine.

    I haven’t been here, but I have a close friend that goes to Maine a few times a year. It’s his favorite place on Earth. Besides the lobsters, he said the fall foliage is supreme. The best place to go? Grafton Notch State Park. My friend goes hiking there all the time and his pictures of the fall leaves and scenery are jealous-worthy.

  4. Kebler Pass, Colorado

    Colorado is beautiful. The mountains, hills, forests, and towns are picturesque. The Rocky Mountains will always be perfect for the changing of the leaves, but I got inspired by John Fielder’s landscape photography of Kebler Pass. It might be just the photographs, but now I want to go see this area in the fall.

  5. Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

    My cousin recently moved to Vermont, which has beautiful fall foliage, too. However, she shared with me the secret of the Pocono Mountains. Their website even gives some great tips on where and when are the best times to see the fall colors. Check out their fall foliage forecast here.

There are countless of other inspiring places to see the fall colors and other fall specialties, so I’m sure there will be more blogs to come. Stay tuned. Looking for a blog about a state you live in or are going to soon? Check out the “sort by state” feature. Have a happy fall!

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