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Famous Trees in the U.S.

Famous Trees in the U.S.

Who would have thought that there are so many famous trees in the U.S? We did a little bit of research and came up with a list of 10. Sadly one has fallen after a storm, but we’ve left it in for memory sake.

10 Famous Trees in the U.S

The Love TreesThe Love Trees – St. Augustine, FL
The Love Trees can be found in downtown St. Augustine and are inseparable.  Scientifically it’s a sable palm growing out of the heart of an old oak tree, romantically it’s a symbol of love.  Kiss under the tree for good luck!

Lady LibertyLady Liberty – Longwood, FL
The Big Tree park was the home of the famous largest and oldest bald Cyprus tree, The Senator (which was estimated to be 3,400 years old) until arson destroyed the tree in 2014.  Lady Liberty still stands near by and is estimated to be around 2,000 years old.

The Lone CypressThe Lone Cypress – Monterey Peninsula, CA
This magnificent Cypress tree is made more beautiful by its surroundings and the fact that it stands alone.   It might be the most photographed tree in North America and sits famously along the scenic, rocky terrain at Pebble Beach.

General ShermanGeneral Sherman – Sierra Nevada, CA
Giant Sequoias only grow in Sierra Nevada, California and are considered a national treasure. General Sherman is approximately 2,200 years old and is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth.

Chandelier TreeChandelier Tree – Leggett, CA
This famous tree is located in what is known as Drive-Thru Park which is privately-owned and is believed to have been carved in the 1930s. For $5 you can drive your car through the tree for a photo op. * we are sad to report that this tree has come down after a storm.* 

The Tree That Owns ItselfThe Tree That Owns Itself – Athens, GA
A white oak in was given ownership of itself and the surrounding land by Dr. William Henry Jackson in 1820! The original tree had died apparently toppled by the wind, and a new was planted at the same location from one of its acorns, therefore assuming legal ownership of itself and of all land within eight feet of its base.  How interesting!
 The Suicide OakThe Suicide Oak – New Orleans, LA
As the name suggests, the Suicide Oak was a popular spot for taking one’s life in the old Creole days.  Many of the neighboring trees were destroyed during hurricane Katrina, but the Suicide Oak survived with minimal damage.The Lahaina Banya TreeThe Lahaina Banya Tree – Maui, Hawaii
This impressive tree has limbs that cover an area of 1/4 mile and has 16 major trunks.  The tree was planted in 1873 at 8 feet tall.The Big treeThe Big Tree – Lamar, TX
Known simply as The Big Tree, this Live Oak lives on Goose Island State Park, north of the city of Rockport, on the Gulf of Mexico.  During the Civil War, the town of Lamar was destroyed by the union navy, remaining were the ruins of a few old shell create homes, a Catholic chapel, and the Big Tree.
Angel Oak Tree
Angel Oak Tree – Johns Island, SC
This live oak lives on Johns Island, close to Charleston. The tree is estimated to be 1500 years old.  The tree and its surroundings are gorgeous and a popular place for wedding photos among locals.  Local folklore tells stories of ghosts of former slaves appearing as angels around the tree which adds to its allure.

Copyright: daveallenphoto / 123RF Stock Photo

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