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Find Timeless Romance at the Seelbach Hilton

Find Timeless Romance at the Seelbach Hilton

My husband and I were fortunate enough to spend one night away from our children at the iconic Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Ky. While it was only one night, it was special enough to make it feel like we spent a few days away!

Chances are, if you are a lover of classic fiction you have heard of The Great Gatsby and dreamed about the romance that took place in that book! Were you aware that Daisy’s wedding was set in the Grand Ballroom at the Seelbach?


What’s more, legends like Al Capone had tunnels into the Seelbach and rumor has it he played poker, among other things, while he visited.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit on a Friday night. I had a business meeting at a restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel, so in planning for the stay, we just decided to make a night of it. The hotel overlooks the city’s nightlife destination called 4th Street Live. There are several different spots for dancing, a bowling alley, and restaurants. The Seelbach itself has 2 restaurants and a bar, so you don’t have to leave the hotel unless you really want to!

We stayed in a junior suite, it was a very good size room, especially since it was just the two of us! The room was divided into 2 areas, a living area with a small love seat, an arm chair and a desk and the bedroom area with a plush king sized bed.  I was a bit worried about the noise outside of the hotel, but I quickly discovered that it was a non issue. The bathroom was very spacious and clean, which is always a plus when it comes to hotel stays.


I had read that in the last few years the hotel had recently undergone a huge renovation.  While the hotel has been updated very nicely the historic integrity remained in tact.

The biggest treat that came with our stay (besides being able to sleep in the next morning!) was that our room was located on the concierge level. This meant that in the evenings they were serving complementary hors d’oeuvres and desserts (which unfortunately I didn’t get to try due to the business meeting) and breakfast in the morning. My husband and I made our way to the breakfast area and found typical continental breakfast fare although the free breakfast was a very nice touch. What we loved was the extremely knowledgeable historian who was chatting with guests about the extensive history of the hotel. This history ranged from ghost stories to romantic stories. I was absolutely enthralled by the stories that he told us!

Our stay was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone, however because of the ornate nature of the hotel I would hesitate just a bit to bring my children at their current ages. My kids are very ‘hands on’ and it would make me a touch nervous to think of them exploring the hotel.

Have you visited the Seelbach Hilton?