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How First-Time Disneyland Visitors Can Avoid Classic Disney Mistakes

How First-Time Disneyland Visitors Can Avoid Classic Disney Mistakes

Taking your little ones to Disneyland can be a dream come true.  It can also be overwhelming and exhausting.  You will be spending thousands of dollars on a family visit to Disneyland.  Why not make the most of your family’s trip?

classic disneyland mistakes to avoid

Classic first time Disneyland Mistakes

Most first-time visitors tend to make classic Disney mistakes.  Avoid these mistakes and your first-time visit (and every visit) will be magical. We’ve even included an affiliate link from our partners from Get Away Today that can help you save if you are ready to book your visit! Enter code: FamilyVacay for an extra $10 off your package!

Classic Mistake #1—Not planning ahead

Not planning ahead is the most common mistake.  How can you avoid this?

It’s crucial to download Disney apps to your phone. These show you maps, schedules, and wait times for various rides, locations of bathrooms and baby care centers.

Before you get to the park, check Disney maps and schedules online and plan your day.  Decide which areas you’ll head for and in what order, your must-see attractions, where you’ll eat, and any shows you want to catch.

Often my family and I will sit down before our day in the parks and decide what the ‘must dos’ are. It could be a ride that

Rides at all the Disney parks are closed for maintenance and “refurbishment’ at regular intervals.  If you’re counting on enjoying certain attractions, check the Disney site to make sure they’ll be up and running on your dates.  If you can’t avoid going when a favorite ride will be offline, knowing ahead of time lets you manage your children’s (and your) expectations.

Classic Mistake #2—Failing to make reservations, dining or otherwise. 

Most things at Disney don’t require – or take – reservations, but there are exceptions.

If there is a full-service sit-down restaurant such as the popular Blue Bayou that you are dying to experience, book it in advance. In Disneyland you can also walk in at some places without reservations if you’re willing to wait.  When you’re already spending enough time in line for rides and attractions, why not avoid one more line by taking advantage of the free reservation service.  You can reserve up to 60 days ahead.  Quick counter service restaurants don’t require reservations.

If you want to treat your kids to a character dining experience or a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, book as far in advance as possible.  You can make reservations up to 180 days before your visit.

Classic Mistake #3—Failing to take advantage of the Disneyland Max Pass system

A lot of times first-timers don’t have a clue what MaxPass is.

The optional MaxPass add on is $15 per day per person. Max Pass includes a fast pass (similar to Disney World) and photo pass (ride photos included) combined together to make the MaxPass.

A point to note, the FastPasses aren’t available for rides in Fantasyland so keep that in mind when deciding if this add on is a good choice for your family.

A question that is asked often is: Can I have multiple fast passes booked at a time?

The app will give you a time that you can book another Fast Pass, we’ve found that the second fast pass will be no longer than 1.5 hours later. So if it is 9:00am and your return time is 4pm, you will be able to book another FP at 10:30am.

Classic Mistake #4—Spend every minute in the Disneyland Resort parks

We could have called this classic mistake “Taking the ‘Happy’ out of The Happiest Place on Earth.”  The Disney experience can be overwhelming.  Over-tired children, suffering from sensory overload definitely, take the “happy” out of Disneyland.  (The same goes for over-tired parents suffering from the same thing.)

To avoid this classic mistake schedule tons of downtime.  Take advantage of the amenities at your hotel and give everyone a break from the crowds, lines, and adrenalin rush.  Scheduling time in the middle of the day lets little ones (and the adults) catch up on sleep or just mellow out.  That makes for “happier” campers all around.  If you have the time, consider taking a whole day to relax there – you’ll be glad you did.

Classic Mistake #5—Ignore your child’s limits

Even if your child meets the height requirement for a ride, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to ride it.  It might be too scary for them.  To young children even rides in Fantasyland can be too scary.  To them cruising into the mouth of a whale on the Storybook ride or flying over the darkened city of London with Peter Pan might just seem too real.

It’s another good idea to prepare young children to see the larger-than-life Disney characters up close and personal.  Introduce the costumed characters to your children by watching more YouTube videos together.  You’ll find a whole playlist of Disneyland videos featuring the characters.

A trip to Disneyland is a trip of a lifetime!  Avoid these classic Disney mistakes and your trip will be the memory of a lifetime.

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Need a help packing? We have a complete Disney packing list.

Headed to Disneyland for the first time? Don't make these classic first visit mistakes! #disneyland #disney


Monday 25th of April 2016

I have visited Disneyland regularly since 1955. I am happy to share with you some things I have learned through experience: 1)Get a good night's sleep. 2)East a hearty breakfast at your hotel or nearby eatery. 3)Arrive at the main entrance (not the parking structure) at least 30 minutes before the official "opening time." 4)They will let you inside because Main Street is already open. 5)Enjoy Main Street if you wish. It will be VERY crowded later in the day. 6)Go to the entrance of the Land you wish to explore first. You will notice that there are already people there, waiting behind the rope. 7)At the official "opening time" (& sometimes earlier) they will "drop the rope" & let people into each Land. 8)Go on as many rides as you can before lunch. After lunch it is usually pretty crowded for the rest of the day.


Monday 25th of April 2016

Great points, Greg. Thanks for adding them. I have been going to Disneyland since 1955. I have had a 60 year romance with Disneyland and the sight of Sleeping Beauty's Castle still makes my heart flutter.