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Five Vacation Spots for your family.

Five Vacation Spots for your family.

So you and your family have decided to go on a vacation. Sometimes the hardest decision is the vacation spot that you and your family will invade for the week.

We have 5 ideas for you and your family. In the coming days we will get more in depth with each of the destinations.

1. San Fransisco – For a west coast getaway San Fran is a fantastic choice. Between the golden gate bridge and tours of Alcatraz, your trip won’t have any dull moments that’s for sure!

2. St. Augustine – We have talked about this Florida vacation spot before; you can read it here. You have to trust us on this, your family will love this historic town!

3. Colonial Williamsburg – This beautiful Virginia town is so filled with history that it makes it a great destination for kids and parents alike. The best part is, your kids will have so much fun they will never know that they are really learning!

4. Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon in Arizona is something that everyone should see, especially kids! The breathtaking scenery and the outdoor activities are the perfect way to ensure that your kids sleep well!

5. Chicago – This great lakes town is perfect for museum hopping and eating some of the best food around! Visit the bean for a perfect photo op and take a walk on Lakeshore drive to do some window shopping! You can read our Chicago post here.

Which of the 5 vacation spots are at the top of your vacation bucket list?