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Free Things to do with kids in Indianapolis!

Free Things to do with kids in Indianapolis!

Let’s face it, there are times (sometimes more often than not) that springing for an expensive activity with your family just isn’t in the budget. Plus, who said that you have to spend lots of money to have fun?

Our friends over at Visit Indy gave us some fantastic suggestions of things to do while you are in town that are free or almost free!

Free (or almost free) things to do with kids in Indianapolis

1. Take a walk!

free things to do in Indianapolis

Did you know that there is a trail that runs along the canal in the heart of downtown? It is 8 miles long and offers space for walkers, bikers, or just families to enjoy being together. It is a fantastic spot to sightsee or people watch!

2. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

 what to do with kids in Indianapolis

Before you stop me, there is a caveat to this free fun. The first Thursday of the month from 4 – 8 pm, the Target Free Family night takes place. So, plan a long weekend in town and check out this museum. If you haven’t read it before, take a look at our experience here.

3. Explore 100 acres at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Get out and explore the untamed areas as well as checking out the art park, which is one of the largest in the country. It even features a famous piece Funky Bones, which was featured in the movie Fault in Our Stars. So, if you kids need to have some space to stretch their legs after your drive to Indy, this is a great first stop!

free things to do with kids in Indianapolis

4. Indiana State Police Museum

If your kiddos are still pretty young, like mine and they point out every police car that they see, then this is the spot for you! There are lots of cars to check out and even one that has working lights and sirens to play with! Just a note, it is only open Monday – Friday.

5. Indianapolis Arts Garden

This glass-enclosed arts garden attached to Circle Centre Mall hosts more than 300 free activities, including dance and musical performances, visual art exhibits, films, lectures, fairs, and festivals. Even if there is no performance, stop in to enjoy the serenity after a long day exploring Indy.

6. Garfield Park Conservatory & Sunken Garden

Garfield Park Conservatory is home to hundreds of different plants from the world’s tropics. The conservatory is 10,000 square feet and even on the coldest winter days, you can warm up and see what’s blooming. Conservatory admission is $2.

7. Indiana War Memorial

Come pay your respects to war veterans, the Indiana War Memorial has a wide of variety of tributes. Including, museums and public parks housing various monuments, statues, and sculptures in honor of fallen soldiers from around the state.

8. NCAA Hall of Champions

This spot falls under the almost free category, admission for adults is $5.00 and children are $3.00. There are a ton of interactive exhibits to entertain kids, all while learning about the legends of the NCAA.


Tell us: Did we miss anything that you and your family love doing while visiting Indianapolis?

Free things to do with kids in Indianapolis