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My Front Porch Makeover with At Home

My Front Porch Makeover with At Home

This is a post sponsored by At Home, however, my love for their Christmas décor is my own and not influenced!

Each year, my children excitedly ask over and over and over again if we can put up our Christmas decorations. Usually, it is 2 seconds after they take off their Halloween costumes and sort through their candy haul.

Each and every year my husband makes us all wait until after Thanksgiving. He is all about respecting the bird, as he likes to call it.

So, when my boys and I took a stroll through the At Home near us, before Halloween and well before Turkey day, we couldn’t resist grabbing some new decorations to help with our Holiday anticipation.

Christmas Decorating with At Home

My dilemma each and every year is that the interior of my home screams “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” yet the outside always feels like an afterthought.

I was determined that this year would be different and decided to give myself a front porch makeover. At Home had everything that I needed and what’s even better is that I kept it right at $100 so my wallet wasn’t screaming at me.

I started with a doormat, I wish I could tell you that the one that I have used the past several years still had some life in it, but it was deader than a doornail. As silly as it may sound, just adding a vibrant, non-faded door mat helped tremendously in sprucing up the look of my house.

Decorating for Christmas with At Home Stores

Next, came my ‘believe’ sign, this wooden beauty caught my eye just as soon as I walked into the store. It is about 5 feet tall, and the rustic burlap Santa Hat was just what it needed to give the sign a whimsical feel.

Decorating for Christmas

To put the cherry on top of the front porch makeover, I added swag around the front door frame and a matching wreath.

Christmas Wreath from At Home

My curb appeal and Holiday cheer has increased by a ton, just by adding in those little touches. All while only having to spend around $100 at my local At Home store. My biggest issue was keeping the look classy and not like the Griswold’s had just moved in, because I seriously wanted all.the.things.

Take a look at my poor pitiful front porch before my At Home makeover:

Before my At Home Makeover

I am in love with the finished look! Especially my “Believe” sign!

After my At Home makeover

A Christmas Makeover with At Home Stores