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Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Girls

Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Girls

In my house, I am surrounded by boys. I am married mom of two boys. In my house there are more fart jokes than anything.

Until the breath of fresh air that is my niece comes along and delights me with her stories about unicorns and squishy things. I feel like I have come back into to contact with the girly side that I miss with my rough and tumble boys.

She and I sat down together and made some fun Valentine’s day gifts for her closest friends, her BFFs if you will.

Our objective was easy. To make a fun gift, in an affordable price point.

The products that we used in the gift bags all ring up at under $6, and what’s even better, they are all available for purchase at Target.
Here’s a peek at what she and I put in the bags to give to her friends.

LOL Mini Bows

LOL Mini Bows

With the LOL doll craze, anything with this branding is sure to be a smash hit. The LOL mini bow package is divided into 2 sections. The idea is that one bow will be for the bestie and the other is to keep. The comment was made that she would want to match with her BFF so she would keep getting those packages until we had matching bows.

Each package of 2 bows runs $4.99


Squish’Ums Poo Pets

Squish'ums poo pets

Combine the poo phase and the squishy toys of late and you have a hit on your hands. The Squish’ums Poo pets are scented…poo, that is a keychain. This was one of the biggest hits of all of the items we put in the gift bag. I have to admit, they are fun to play with!
There are 16 poo pets to collect, including the rare unicorn version. Each package is: $4.99

Cutie Beans Gudetama and Cutie Beans Hello Kitty

Cutie Beans

Inside each clip case, you will find a soft, plush character to take with you on adventures. The Gudetama are grumpy eggs that might have cracked too early. While they aren’t exactly rays of sunshine they are still fun!

The Cutie Beans Hello Kitty are just what you’ve expected. Iconic Hello Kitty characters, made into the perfect size for traveling.

Both Cutie Bean varieties, Hello Kitty or Gudetama have 9 characters to collect and are $5.99

JoJo Sequin Pillow Keychains


Jojo Sequin Pillow Keychains

If it involves sequins we are all in. So these plush, pillow keychains with flipping sequins are perfect for JoJo obsessed fans. Bonus, they aren’t nearly as big as her bows, so they travel much easier!
Each sequin pillow keychain is $5.99


Looking for something different than just the boxed cards for Valentine’s day? Let your little fashionista make custom Valentine’s Day goodie bags for closest BFFs. We have some inexpensive and fun ideas!