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A Healthy Snack for my Preschooler

A Healthy Snack for my Preschooler

*I received compensation for this post, however my opinions are my own.* 

My 4 year old attends the 4 year old program at our local school for preschool. Each and every day he has to bring a snack.

I am guessing for most people this doesn’t strike fear into others like it does me. Here is why I hate figuring out the 20160331_190122snack for my kiddo. It is always a last minute “Mommy I don’t have a snack in my back pack yet” ALWAYS. Yes, I totally realize that this isn’t new and that I have to do it It has become too easy to allow my little guy to pick snacks at the store that are ‘easy’, the thing is easy doesn’t always equal good.

As the school year has gone on, we have realized that if we don’t fuel him with the things that will keep his little body going strong, he becomes hangry. Honestly I always laughed at that phrase because I hadn’t experienced it first hand. Until my son came along! I am now convinced that it is a very real condition.

But I digress.

Recently when I was strolling the aisles of my local Wal-Mart ( if he asks I told the hubs I was *quickly* running to the store) I walked in to the baby section. I know I don’t have babies, but it is still fun to look every now and again. A new product by Gerber caught my eye.

This is what you are looking for at the store.It is called Lil Beanies, the reason they were appealing to me is the fact that they are made from navy beans and rice flour. Reading the ingredient list was making me feel guilty about the junk food snacks that had been going to to school much too frequently with my little man.

So for less than $2.00 per canister of lil beanies ended up in my cart. When I got home I portioned the snacks into ziplock bags like I do with other snack type things (think goldfish, cheez its those types of thing), put them into the snack spot in the pantry. Then I waited.

I didn’t have to wait long because my little guy quickly found the new snack and asked if he could have some. I held my breath as he tried them, lets be real the main ingredient is after all NAVY BEANS. He loved them. In fact he loved them so much that he asked if he could put a baggie of them in his backpack for snack at school the next day. My answer a resounding, YES!Check out the goodness! AND they can totally pass for cheese puffs!

As long as he continues to eat them I will gladly purchase Lil Beanies! What do you think? Will you give them a shot for your kiddos?