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Ideas for a great 4th of July party!

Ideas for a great 4th of July party!

Thinking of having a 4th of July party?  Make it one that your friends and family will want to attend year after year by making it both fun and festive!

slipslideGet wet and a little wild!
If you have a pool then your party is already sure to be a hit, but many of us aren’t that fortunate so we improvise with blow up pools, sprinkles, and slip-n-slides.  If you have the hill then take it to the next level with an ultimate slip-n-slide that kids and adults will all love.  All it takes is a few giant tarps from Home Depot, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a hose and a big hill.  Take safety precautions and make sure the kids (and the Dads) are following the one at a time rule and you’ll all have a blast!

Festive CocktailsPour something delicious and refreshing!
Sure you could just have beer and liquor (yawn) or you could really liven up the party with some fruity cocktails that just scream summer!  Try watermelon martinis, blackberry bourbon iced tea, peach sangria or something else out of the ordinary.

Festive Fun Food!
Unless everyone is vegetarian you have to have BBQ on July 4th, I believe it’s a national law, is it not?  Whether you are having ribs or burgers and hotdogs you can work in some festive desserts.  Check out these cute 4th of July strawberries! Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for desserts and other festive dishes.

StrawberriesSomething for the adults to do!
Organize something for the adults to do. Cornhole tournaments are an excellent activity for an outdoor party.   If it rains buy a marker board and play team Pictionary or have a trivia challenge! For some extra fun have a prize for the winning team!

Fill that evening lull!
There is always that period at dusk when you’ve been at it all day but still have an hour or so before its dark enough for the fireworks where everyone is just kind of sitting around waiting.  This is a great time to fire up the fire pit and make some smore’s!  The kids are going to need the added sugar to stay awake for the fireworks anyway!

Last but now least . . . . ENJOY THE FIREWORKS!

Happy 4th of July!

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