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Jump Around with your kids at House of Boom!

Jump Around with your kids at House of Boom!

Defy Gravity at one of the Coolest Facilities in America. Over 10,000 square feet of connected, world-class trampolines in a 23,000 sq. ft facility. Our trampoline grid features over 60 trampolines, including the famous angled wall trampolines, launching decks and a few surprises up in the ceiling to test your vertical.

My kids have visited the facility several times and each time they seem to grow braver and braver! They even have gotten me in on the action at House of Boom! I know that when I go with them I have to wear my jumping clothes, one of the staff members recently told me that when you jump for 7 mins straight it is the equivalent of running a mile. Look I have, to be honest, I can’t run a mile in 10 mins but I can jump for 7. They even offer fitness classes for adults, which I have yet to try but I can assume if I try it will only be entertaining and very, very embarrassing given my uncoordinated state.

If your kids (6 and under) are ready to Dominate the Park without bigger kids around….YOU MUST check-out KidJump. Every day from 9-10am is exclusively for parents and children!

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