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Printable Kiddo ID tag

Printables: Kiddo ID Tag

Amusement and water park season is upon us, and there is nothing scarier for a parent than the thought of getting separated from their kiddo in a huge crowd. Things happen, even if you are keeping a close watch on your children and they are sneaky little boogers!

We have come up with something super simple to help safeguard your kiddo, should he/she gets separated from you.

No matter how often you practice vital info with your young ones, the fact remains that under pressure sometimes the info isn’t relayed correctly. Heck under pressure I have trouble remembering my own phone number!

So, grab yourself a plastic luggage tag holder, or laminate this card and slip it into your child’s back pocket before entering the park. We hope that you don’t ever need to use it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Here is the link to the printable PDF: Oh no! I’m lost!


Printable: Kiddo ID Tag

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