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Everything you need to know about Disney Magic Bands.

Everything you need to know about Disney Magic Bands.

You likely have noticed by now friends on your Facebook feed posting pictures of the colorful bands that Disney sends in the advance of a Walt Disney World Vacation. Magic Bands will change your entire Walt Disney World Experience if you haven’t used them previously.

Sure you can choose from a wide array of colors, but do you know how they work?

Here’s what you need to know about Magic Bands!

What you need to know about Disney's Magic Bands

What do Magic Bands Cost?

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, or if you are an annual pass member standard colors of magic bands are free! The Magic Bands will arrive at your home ahead of your trip, in a plain cardboard box. If you are surprising your kids, they will not be any wiser that Magic Bands are inside. Once you open the box all bets are off.

If you are staying off-property, then you have the option to purchase them once you get into the park. They will need to be activated and your credentials loaded on to the newly purchased band. Another Note, should your child (or you) fall in love with a special magic band in one of the gift shops, all of the information from the original band to the new band will also be transferred.

Your Magic Band stores all of your park ticket information

green mickey lit up from scanning the magic band

The Magic Bands has all of the data associated with your park ticket stored on it.  Upon entering you will scan your band and then it will ask for your fingerprint. Remember which finger you used because this will be the one that needs to be scanned each time you enter. I do not know why they get your fingerprint, I am sure there are a wide variety of theories floating around out there.

My kiddos had a bit of a hard time remembering which finger they used. If they can’t get it right, a cast member comes over with an iPad and helps. They reset the band (after checking to make sure that the ticket is still valid), and then take the child’s picture. I am not really sure of the reasoning behind the picture but that is a question I will ask next time!

Disney’s Photo Pass:

Did a park photographer snap a picture that you are sure you will love? Be sure to have the photographer scan your magic band. The photo will show up on the My Disney Experience App. Which brings me to another separate point, the photo pass service is one of my absolute favorite add ons, it isn’t inexpensive, but each year that we have walked away with several photos that we treasure.

Your Fast Passes are Linked to your Magic Band!

Using the Fast Pass scheduling with the My Disney Experience app you can schedule times to use your coveted fast passes. You are able to set the time that you need to arrive and skip (most of) the line for the most popular rides! Splash mountain anyone? There is something about having a fast pass for a ride that makes you feel really important and even a bit smug. Never mind you just waited in line for 7 Dwarfs Mine Train for 90 mins!

Simply arrive back to the ride at your given time window, scan your magic band and by pass the line.

You can pay with your Magic Band

You can also link your chosen method of payment to your magic band (if you so choose) and pay with your Magic Band (and a pin number) at gift shops and food places around the park. If you choose to add your credit card to your Magic Band, it doesn’t have to be linked to your child’s band. If you are traveling with several adults, each adult can have their own credit card linked to their magic band.

what you need to know about Disney Magic Band

Your Magic Band is your Room Key

The Magic Bands also serve as your room key! My kids thought that was the coolest part for whatever reason and often had heated discussions about who was going to get to open the room with their magic band!

What happens if you lose your Magic Band?

If for some reason, you lose your magic band, don’t fret, the original one that you lost track of will be deactivated and you will be given a replacement (standard grey) magic band.

We loved using the Magic Bands and they really simplified our time at Disney!

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Headed to Walt Disney World and eager to use your Magic Bands but not quite sure where to begin? We have the scoop on everything you need to know about Disney's Magic Bands. What makes them magical? Read more now! #waltdisneyworld #magicband #magicbands


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