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The Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center

Traveling around the county for Taekwondo tournaments, we’ve made it somewhat of a family tradition to a stop at local science museums as we visit new cities across the United States. Most recently we made a trip to the Motor City for the Taekwondo National Championships in beautiful Detroit, Michigan. We were lucky enough to have an afternoon to spend some time at the Michigan Science Center. I’m happy to say, it did not disappoint.

About the Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center opened in December of 2012 and occupies the sprawling campus of the former Detroit Science Center. The museum features live stage shows, an IMAX® Dome Theatre, Planetarium, 250+ hands-on exhibits, lab activities, special exhibits and more. There is so much to see and explore; you could easily make an entire day of the science center. Exhibits exploring health, physical science, space, engineering and much more fill the three-story space.

Visiting the Michigan Science Center

The entrance to the museum showcases an impressive 1000 foot Erector Set replica of the Mackinac Bridge containing over 15,000 pieces. Much of the main-level is dedicated to various exhibits featuring engineering, health & wellness, and Detroit’s signature auto-industry. One of the most notable and enjoyable things about the museum was, that nearly everything is hands-on. Kids learn by doing and this place had plenty to offer; a giant suspension bridge, interactive factory with machines to play with, MRI machine, and US steel funhouse. I’ll hear the occasional gripe from my youngest, who is 6, that museums are boring because there is too much to read. Well, I’m happy to report that this was not the case at Mi-Sci. All of the exhibits are accompanied by brightly-colored comic-book style informational guides that even the most reluctant reader will enjoy. Brevity is key with so much to do and see.

We were welcomed to the basement of the center by a friendly-staff with a live Boa Constrictor draped around his shoulders; kids took turns petting the live snake. I did not. The basement of the center hosts a Creation Kitchen where kids can host their very own experiments and tinker with their own inventions. Motion, Waves, Lazers and Space galleries fill the basement level. The highlight of kids’ trip involved the space exhibit where they took turns testing Newton’s Third Law of Motion sending pressurized bottle rockets to the ceiling above.

Michigan Science Center

Unfortunately for us, our timing prevented us from catching the IMAX show and had I known they had a full café on the main floor, we would have skipped the pre-museum fast food lunch. We clocked in a full day at just over 4 hours. A relaxing, educational, fun-filled day for the whole family. I would definitely recommend you and your family stop by if you’re visiting the Motor City.

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the Michigan Science Center