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Montreal Food Tour Review

Montreal Food Tour Review

My favorite part of any trip? One word – food. I’m a foodie at heart, so it’s no surprise that food was one of my top priorities on my recent trip to Montreal, Canada. And let me tell you, Montreal didn’t disappoint.

With its diverse food scene, Montreal has put itself on the map as a foodie city. Having just as many restaurants per capita as NYC, but with only two million residents, there’s a lot to choose from when you’re eating in Montreal. I actually found it overwhelming – how could I taste the best of what Montreal has to offer in only a week?

Local Montreal Food Tours had the answer. The organization offers food walking tours of some of Montreal’s most historic and significant neighborhoods. When I heard about them, I knew I had to go on one of their food tours to get the real Montreal experience. Best decision of the entire trip. For more reasons than one, Local Montreal Food Tours’ Mile End food tour made my heartstrings sing.

Miles End Food Tour group shot

1. Sustainable Tourism

Local Montreal Food Tours was founded by foodies who believed in sustainable tourism (ie. tourism that optimizes the local market that is already present and seeks to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy).

They consider all to the businesses and restaurants on their food tours to be “partners.” This means the price you pay goes to buy the food you have on your tour, it’s not samples or freebies, it’s real food you would have if you went to the restaurant to eat. I believe it is important to fully support these local businesses who are making amazing food.

Miles End Food Tour Teas

2. Historical and Cultural Insight

On our tour, we had an amazing guide, Caroline. Not only was she the deliverer of all the yummy goodness, she also provided insight on the history and culture of the Mile End neighborhood that we would not have otherwise learned.

History and food go hand-in-hand. Each location we visited offered a snapshot of Montreal’s history through the lens of cuisine. And along the way Caroline gave background and details to the culture of the neighborhood around us.

Miles End Food Tour Chocolate

3. Seriously good food

Obviously, food was the main reason I was on the tour, and it rocked. From rich chocolate to savory meats and cheese to the famous bagel, the tour offered a complete palette of dishes to try. We didn’t eat breakfast beforehand, and that turned out to be a good decision because by the end of the tour the amount of food we ate made us happily full.

When the tour ended *tear* they left us with a list of recommended Montreal restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops that kept our taste buds thanking us the remainder of the trip.

Have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Don’t worry! You can let them know about your food restrictions prior to the tour and they will make accommodations that still give you an experience of Montreal’s best food. On our tour there were individuals with gluten intolerance, allergies, and vegan preferences and they all said they enjoyed the tour.

So if you’re packing up for Montreal, or you’re a Montreal resident looking to explore your city, make sure you check out Local Montreal Food Tours’ calendar and buy your tickets. Whether you’re a foodie at heart or just looking to learn about Montreal in a tasty way, you won’t regret taking one of these tours.