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A new tradition “FriendsGiving”

A new tradition “FriendsGiving”

My family and I are lucky enough to have fantastic neighbors, we all started as acquaintances, but as the result of our children playing on a regular basis, we have become close.

One afternoon we were talking about traditions, more specifically our Thanksgiving traditions. We are an interesting mashup of people, as most friends typically are. From our Venezuelan neighbors that spent several years in Ireland before moving to Kentucky to our own family who doesn’t seem very exciting but has some very different traditions from the other families in our group.

So, we picked a date that worked for all of us and made a plan. We were all going to bring a dish or two that our families loved, chances are there will be a dish that you haven’t had the chance to try before and you can expand your palette!

We had 9 adults and 10 kids in attendance, we got the kids fed and set to the basement and the adults sat around talking for a long time. It was so nice to have adult time, it was so so nice!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes spending time with your friends can be more enjoyable than the family gathering. You don’t have to avoid your Aunt Edna asking when you are going to get married and you don’t have to switch tables when the uncomfortable political conversations arise.

Have you had a “FriendsGiving” before?