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No Carve Mickey Halloween Pumpkin

No Carve Mickey Halloween Pumpkin

It’s that time of year. Pumpkins are popping up everywhere. Chances are your kiddos are clamoring to decorate a pumpkin with their favorite character.

What better to decorate the official gourd of fall than to make a Mickey Pumpkin? This particular Mickey Mouse Pumpkin gets bonus mom points (at least in my house) because it is a no carve option, meaning less mess. Not to mention that my husband doesn’t let the kids carve pumpkins very early in the season because they tend to rot a lot faster.

So, the no carve Mickey Halloween Pumpkin was born. You can use a foam craft pumpkin and use Mickey year after year. Or, if you found the perfect pumpkin in the patch you can of course, use a real pumpkin.

Here’s what you will need for the No Carve Mickey Pumpkin:


Pumpkin (real or craft

Craft Foam  (craft foam assorted colors) 

Acrylic Paint ( here is a set of 15 

Paint Brushes

Paint Pen (here is a good deal

Mickey Stencil


Hot Glue

Here’s how to make the no carve Mickey Pumpkin:

Cut out circles from craft foam. (Size will depend on size of pumpkin.)

Notch each circle to create an ear shape that will fit against your pumpkin.

No Carve Mickey Pumpkin

Use hot glue to attach craft foam ears to pumpkin.

Paint pumpkin and ears with acrylic paint. (Can use any color!)

No Carve Mickey Pumpkin

Size Mickey stencil to fit on front of Mickey pumpkin and print out.

Tape stencil to front of pumpkin and outline with a pen, pressing hard, to create an indention of the Mickey pattern.

No Carve Mickey Pumpkin

Fill in Mickey face with paint pen.


This no carve Mickey Pumpkin Tutorial brings Disney to your home. With no carving, your porch will have a touch of Mickey Mouse in no time!