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Our 9/11 Tribute


download For most Americans that were alive on 9/11, 14 years ago, they can tell you exactly where they were as the planes hit the towers.

I was a junior in high school, and I hate to admit the future travel blogger in me didn’t even really have a grasp on what the twin towers even were.

Now, as a grown woman who is married and has children 9/11 takes on a whole new meaning. My husband is a full time firefighter, and on any given shift that he works I know that he could be injured or worse.

Wives and husbands sent their spouses to work, taking for granted that they would return home. Do you ever wonder like I do how many of those spouses were arguing that morning either over trivial things like whose turn it was load the dishwasher, or bigger issues like finances or in laws.

Parents dropped their children off to daycare or school, maybe they forgot kisses or there were raised voices that morning over lost homework.

Those sorts of things haunt me.

I pray that I never forget what happened on that tragic day. I pray that I never become desensitized to the images of that day.

If remembering 9/11 does nothing else, I hope that it causes you to hug your children tighter and make time for the ones that you love. 

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