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Fall in love with Rawah Ranch

Fall in love with Rawah Ranch

There are places that you visit, that you know you will think about often and long to return for years to come. For my husband and I, that place is Rawah Guest Ranch in Glendevey, Colorado.

I have been thinking about this article since the moment that we pulled up to the property. There is something in the air there, the mood shifts for the better upon arrival. Perhaps it is the fact that we lost cell service about an hour before we arrived and knew that the constant ding of emails and obligations weren’t going to be interrupting our stay.

What you need to know about Rawah Guest Ranch

In case you didn’t catch what I said, Rawah Guest Ranch doesn’t have cell service. Don’t worry, they have a landline and are very generous in letting guests use it should the need arise. Since this trip was the first without our children, we did use it a few times to call and check in back home.

When we arrived there was a sign on the front porch welcoming us (and the three other families that were staying while we were there) and dogs coming up to say hello. The ranch dogs Loki, Goose, Maverick, Gracie, and Bear were one of the highlights of our trip!

Maverick at Rawah Guest Ranch

Accommodations at Rawah Guest Ranch

Once we got our check-in squared away we were shown to our cabin. The first thing I thought when I was walking from the main lodge to our cabin was “oh, they didn’t give me a key.” You see, we didn’t need a key, the doors do have locks on the inside for the peace of mind while you are sleeping, but once I got over the initial jolt of not using a key it didn’t cross my mind at any other time during the trip. If you were particularly concerned about valuables that you may have brought along, I would suggest locking them up in your car, but honestly, the safety of my items was never a concern.

There are cabins in varying sizes spread out over the property, so if you are traveling with your entire family, accommodating your group won’t be a problem. The cabin that we were in, was one room with a king size bed, stone fireplace (for heat!) and a small sitting area with a couch. The bathroom wasn’t overly large, but it was just fine for myself and my husband.

Cabin at Rawah Guest Ranch

Waiting in the cabin for us, were two stainless steel water bottles with the Rawah logo and our names to avoid mix up, a tray with cookies, a rose and some choices to be made before 6 pm that evening.

Special Extras at Rawah Guest Ranch

Rawah offers a pillow menu, choose from a buckwheat pillow, an anti snoring pillow or a memory foam pillow. Just tell your selection to one of the staff members at the front desk and your pillow will be waiting for you when you return to your room for the evening.

Perhaps our very favorite selection to be made was the coffee service form. Offerings of coffee with freshly whipped cream and simple syrup, are delivered to your cabin with a pastry made by the ranch’s pastry Chef Maria, all before breakfast service.

Coffee Service at Rawah Guest Ranch

Now would be the perfect time for a transition about the food that we enjoyed while we stayed but it was so fantastic and I could (and will) gush a lot about how spoiled we were by Chef Ford, that I will be writing a separate post about how we feasted during our stay.

You can read about all there is to do at the ranch here. In our article about the activities at Rawah Guest Ranch.

The staff that we encountered while we visited the ranch were some of the most genuine, caring people that I have encountered in a very long time. We truly enjoyed getting to know them and have continued to talk about them since we have been home.

Tim and Meg Dyer, the managers of the ranch have done a spectacular job of creating a cozy, welcoming area that is the lodge. The lodge served several purposes, all of the meals were eaten in the lodge and there is a huge common area with overstuffed couches, window seats looking out over the gorgeous landscape and every game that you can possibly imagine. I spent a lot of time in this area, catching up on long overdue reading and enjoying coffee by a roaring fire.


Many times during our trip we talked about how guilty we felt that we didn’t bring our boys along. We loved the fact that we could let them explore (within reason) and really spread their wings and gain confidence by learning and participating in the activities that the ranch offers. We will find a way to return with the boys. I dare say that our experience would be vastly different with those two in tow!

Here is what you need to know as far as pricing goes. The rates are not inexpensive, but it is important to take a minute to look at what all is included with the price: food (more than you can eat!), accommodations and a wide array of activities.

If a getaway to a place where reconnecting is the focus and each family member can have their own experience, all while being away from the overload of technology is the least bit appealing, then there is no place that I would recommend more than Rawah Guest Ranch.


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