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Road trip products that help keep you sane in the car

Road trip products that help keep you sane in the car

For 2 of the 4 weeks of July, my family and I were on the road. While this seems like it could be a glamorous position to be in, road tripping with 2 kids, can be a strain on even the most patient of parents.

Which I am not.

So, I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping my kiddos (and let’s face it) my husband happy on the road.

Since it is Summer, we have been trying (and failing pretty badly) to keep up with summer reading.

Enter Audible.

The audiobooks can be downloaded to a wide variety of platforms like Apple or Android devices and other MP3 Players.

With the bluetooth option in many of the vehicles that we use for road trips, the books came to life.

As silly as it sounds, the whole family got into the books that we were listening. At the school my children attend they have been working through the Magic Treehouse series since Kindergarten.

My youngest exclaimed that it was a like a “movie in his mind” listening to the book. It was awesome having an experience like that on what could have been an otherwise boring car ride.

The folks at Audible were kind enough to offer 1 month free for our readers. Grab your free month now by clicking this link.

Once you are done with your book on tape or even while you are listening to the book how will you quell the “I’m bored” complaints coming from the backseat?

Backseat Entertainment

cube-tasticYou’ve got to check out

It is a puzzle game that also has an app associated with it. It helps take away some of the frustration of wanting to solve a Rubiks Cube

Here is the kicker. It kept my 8 year old occupied for HOURS in the car. Any product that does that, I will whole heartedly stand behind.

If you want to give Cube-tastic! a try and get a 15% discount, follow

Road trip food


For us another key component to a good road trip is having great food. Either by packing it and bringing it with you in the car or having a good spot to stop and grab a bite.

While our family was slated to head out on a road trip, we couldn’t resist a stop at our local IHOP before we hit the road. On July 18th, IHOP was celebrating their 59th birthday. Part of their party was passing along $.59 short stacks!

You see why we couldn’t resist hitting IHOP a bit early?

Chops Snacks Jerky

Chops Beef Jerky

My husband and oldest son are huge beef jerky fans. My dudes really enjoyed Chops Beef Jerky. It proved to be a fantastic snack to have in our bag when we were at the track meet that my oldest participated in.

It is a constant struggle to get him to eat enough calories and protein. So when I find a snack that helps achieve both, I stock up.

Speaking of stocking up, we can share a code good for 20% off your first order enter 5CHN79Z7Q1BE at checkout! You can shop their online store here. 

Tools for the Trip

Every time that my husband and I load up the car he always puts a tool box in the car, because he is a pretty handy dude and we have had more than one road trip mishap.

When he discovered , that ended up in the in the box as well. There was one road trip that my grandfather duct taped his headlight back in, I am telling you, all sorts of things need to go into your road trip tool box.

You know what we ended up using the tape for? Marking the starting spots on the track for the relay kids that were on the track team.

Tell us! We want to know, what sorts of items do you depend on for your road trips?