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Learn how to build Sandcastles with Sandcastle University

Learn how to build Sandcastles with Sandcastle University

Finding activities while visiting the beach has always something that I struggle with because for me, the destination is the beach and as someone who is from a landlocked state I want all of the beach time that I can get. 

Enter Sandcastle University. 

Instructors of Sandcastle University
Janel and her mother, the instructors

The perfect synergy of adding something special to our trip and not having to leave the comfort of the beach. 

Truth be told, we have tried each and every time we go to the beach to build a fantastic sandcastle and we have failed miserably each and every time. 

We were eager and ready to learn the ways of sandcastle making.

The biggest thing that I learned is that we were using entirely to little water. Think you are using too much? Chances are you aren’t using enough!

My youngest has recently gotten into pottery and has been fascinated by anything artistic, he was so very excited about the prospect of doing this he could hardly wait for the day to come. I never really know how he is going to react to any given situation. He can withdraw and become incredibly quiet even in the most exciting of times, in fact, the more fun he is having the quieter he gets. As a mom I often fret that people will think that he is being rude. Why in the world am I bringing this up? The reason is my fears were put to rest very quickly. I could tell by the initial interactions that it was going to be a good experience. Both of the ladies helped my little dude without making him feel like he needed the help.

How does a class with Sandcastle University work? 

Give them a call when you arrive to town, and schedule your session. Or better yet give them a call prior to your trip so that you have a better chance of getting the day that you would prefer. 

Once you have a date nailed down, all you have to do is wait for the day to arrive! The best thing is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your beach spot because Sandcastle University comes to you. Our class was at 10, which was perfect in terms of timing, we grabbed a prime spot on the sand and were ready for the day. 

How much is Sandcastle University?

The 101 class that we were a part of lasted about an hour. The pricing is a flat fee for up to 10 people. So, if you and your kids make friends with another family on the beach the day before your session, invite them to the class. Maybe if you are lucky, your newfound friends will chip in on the cost.

The fee for a party of up to 10 people is $120. If you have a larger group from people 10 -20 the fee is $200.

The other amazing part of Sandcastle University, is that included with the base fee you will also get a time-lapse video edited and free to use how you wish. In fact, all I did to the video that you see below is add a few photos to the beginning and the end. It is SO refreshing to not feel like you are on the hook to purchase anything extra. 

Did you know you should smash your sandcastles?

We learned that it is especially important to make sure you smash your beautiful creations before you leave. That part was especially difficult for me because we had spent so long working on the castles. Here’s why: the sea turtles can get disoriented at night when they are coming in from the ocean. Any large holes or structures like castles need to be filled in when you come in from your day at the beach, because of the sea turtles. 

Our takeaways from Sandcastle University:

Sandcastle University was one of the biggest highlights of our trip to the Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores Area. I highly recommend budgeting for this awesome extra. You can check out their website here.

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Sunday 9th of February 2020

[…] Ever wonder how people build such beautiful sandcastles while they are on the beach? We learned all the secrets in this awesome class. Best part? They travel to where you are staying, so once you are beach ready you are also ready for your sandcastle making class. Read more about our experience here. […]

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