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deas for things to do for Spring Break

Ideas for things to do for Spring Break

Everyone loves spring break!  It marks the end of winter and the coming of summer (hopefully). Spring Break also marks the home stretch of the school year and that is reason enough to celebrate!

  1. BEACH – The obvious Spring Break destination is of course one of the beaches in the south. The most popular beaches for Spring Break are Miami, Daytona, and Destin, Florida. Other popular beaches for Spring Break are those in Southern California and Texas.  Be aware that these areas are super popular with the hard partying college crowd as well.  We recommend staying just outside the boundaries of the most populated areas to get away from some of the craziness.
  2. CITY EXPLORATION – My family saves our beach vacations for the summer so for Spring Break we opt for a city exploration mini vacation. We pick a different city within a five hour drive of our house and just go explore whatever that city has to offer. One of our favorite city exploration vacations ever was the three days we spent in St. Louis. My kids look forward to our City Exploration trips all year long.
  3. STAYCATIONS – Staycations are under rated. I live in Louisville, KY and there is a ton of cool things to do in my own city that I am embarrassed to say I have never been to.  I have lived in Louisville my whole life and have never been to the Derby Museum!  Say what?!  Make a list of the cool things in your city that you’ve never done and get on it!
  4. NATURE APPRECIATION – Make it a point this Spring Break just to enjoy the beauty of spring and this beautiful world. Which natural beauty are you closest to that you can enjoy?  Snow capped mountains? The redwood forest? Smokey Mountains? Grand Canyon?  Yellowstone? Where ever you decide is sure to be a trip to remember.  Get some comfy shoes on and get out and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer with all its glory.
  5. HISTORICAL – My son and myself are history buffs so we love a good trip back in time.  Visit the Alamo, Washington, D.C., Boston, Jamestown, or any other city with a rich history.  Have fun while learning!

Where do you think you and your family will head this spring break?

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