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8 Iconic St. Augustine Food Spots

8 Iconic St. Augustine Food Spots

This is a guest post written by Kristina Mobley. 

My family has been going to St. Augustine, Florida almost every year since my mother was a little girl. So obviously, we have come to know the food scene rather well, especially since my parents tend to be foodies. Now, since we live in a landlocked state, we come to Florida for seafood, so the majority of these restaurants are seafood places. Here are the local food spots that we love.

Top St. Augustine Food Spots

  1.   O’Steen’s
    This is a local favorite on Anastasia Island. You can recognize it by the obnoxiously long line around this tiny shop off the main road next to an antique shop. If you get there early, call in a to-go order, or are willing to wait and explore the nearby antique shop (they have an agreement were O’Steen’s will call your name even in this store), the shrimp and Minorcan clam chowder are delicious and worth the effort. However, this is a seasonal spot, so don’t expect to find them open in the winter and be aware that they only accept cash.
  2.     ColombiaThis is a Cuban restaurant in downtown St. Augustine and a little pricy if you go for dinner. We go for lunch and get the lunch special of sandwiches and salad. I recommend the 1905 salad (their specialty) and a Cuban sandwich.
  3.     Barley Republic. My friend loves Irish food and we were recommended this place by some locals, so we tried it out and loved it. This Irish pub and restaurant has good portions and the prices aren’t terrible for a resort town. Great fried pickles and sandwiches.
  4.     Beachcomber. With your feet in the sand and a small place for kids to play, this outdoor eatery has some good shareable appetizers and beers. Just walk up to from St. Augustine beach, eat, and then walk back to your hotel or beach spot. We recently found this restaurant and we’re sure to be back to Beachcomber because we loved the unique twists to seafood classics.  
  5.     Salt Life. It’s more of a tourist spot, especially with the Tanked fish tank at the entrance, but it is fun. Also a little expensive and more of a party spot, but the food is good and you have plenty of options. From fried fish and shrimp to burgers to even a poke bowl for a healthier option. Check out their website here.
  6.     Creekside Dinery. We have been going to this seafood spot for years. Now, they recently raised the prices to be more expensive, but we go and split the large seafood platters. They have live music certain nights and you can look out over the river.
  7.     Sangrias. My Aunt goes to this second-story bar all the time. They have live music, outdoor seating to watch the heart of the old city, and have some great food and drinks. When we went, we had their sangria and tapas – perfect when you’ve been shopping and walking around the old city all day.  
  8.     Raintree. Gourmet pricing, but the food was delicious. You will have to make a reservation and dress up a little, but we enjoyed the romantic outdoor seating, great service, and upscale flavors. Click here for their website.

We love food and we love St. Augustine. Here are some places that we enjoy eating at and we hope you do too. Happy eating and traveling!