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Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Let’s face it, teens are hard to impress and even harder to shop for around the holidays. For my family stockings are last minute thoughts and often I am scrambling at the last minute for ideas.

We’ve pulled together a list of items that your teen will like, because we asked our own teens for their seal of approval first!

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For the gamer in your life throwing some funny socks in their stocking isn’t a bad idea. Plus, their feet will be warm after those marathon gaming sessions. They are a reasonable $6.99

Stress balls are great for anyone but these are like a hybrid of Play-Doh and a stress ball, but the best part? There isn’t any of the mess of play-doh.
A 3 pack will set you back $6.00

My oldest was standing over my shoulder while I was making this and said “what’s that?” and I explained it was a take on hot potato and he was like that’s cool.

This is a bit pricier on the stocking stuffer side at $35

There is always a mad scramble for chapstick in my house, especially during the winter.

This s’mores flavored collection is perfect to top off stockings.

This pack is $5

Have someone in your family that is into body art? These temporary tattoo markers specifically for skin gives a chance for a test drive of ink before the real deal.

This set of markers is $18.00

Have a sentimental kid? These letters to your future self are a cool way to keep in touch with who they were growing up. Each letter has its own prompt so you don’t have to come up with something to write.

This runs $14.95

These balloon dog statues are a fun way to spice up a work space and make homework (or work, work) more fun.

These are $9.81

In keeping with the theme of fun desk accessories, the desktop version of the strongman carnival game is really cute and maybe even a bit distracting for homework time.

The game is $13.00

Ever heard your selfie loving teen talk about the ‘golden hour’ ? Now, with this sunset projection lamp, it can be golden hour whenever they want.

This is $17.00

We actually keep Spot It! On our kitchen table and have been known to take it to restaurants with us. It is a fun game to play and is quick but makes you use your brain as well!

Spot It! Is $15.00