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How Swim Lessons for my Kids helped my vacation anxiety

How Swim Lessons for my Kids helped my vacation anxiety

Until recently, each and every time that we packed up the car to head out on our latest family adventure, I felt a twinge of anxiety as I packed the swim trunks for both of my boys.

You see, a visit to the pool has only been a one or twice a summer occurrence. I know, I know, we really should go more often, we just don’t.

The problem became that as the frequency of our adventures increased, so did the amount of times that the kids would be exposed to a situation where having swimming skills was really critical.

Swim Lessons for Kids at Aqua Tots

That’s where Aqua Tots Swim Schools come in.

One day while playing taxi driver for my kids I noticed a new sign in a shopping center that I pass at least 10 times a week. Aqua Tots Swim School had just opened a location very close to my house.

After a particularly scary incident at a friend’s pool involving me having to jump in, fully clothed to grab my youngest, I knew the time had come.

My boys are no stranger to swim lessons. Each of them went through various lessons at the YMCA and at an individual’s house. Neither round of lessons stuck with my kids and we left feeling as if the time and money that we had invested was a waste.

How Aqua Tots Swim Schools is different?

Aqua Tots has a different approach. With small class sizes, only 4 children are in a class, kids spend far less time waiting on the side of the pool for their turn. The instructors all receive the same training and in water time. This is important to me because as a crazy busy family we’ve had to change times that we attend classes many different times. I don’t worry about my kids potentially ending up with an instructor with less experience. In fact, I actually like it when the person teaching my children changes. Sometimes a slightly different teaching style can make a difference when mastering a potentially tricky technique.

Why do we love Aqua Tots?

Both of my boys started in the Aqua Tots program at a Level 4. As time has progressed so have my kids. My oldest is now a Level 6 learning more advanced skills. My youngest boy is in the Level 5 program and very quickly approaching becoming a Level 6.

When a child graduates, the staff makes a big deal about it, because it is a big deal! An announcement is made, a picture is taken and hung on the wall and every time your child moves up a level they are also given a certificate.

But more than the program and the wonderful facility, the reason we love Aqua Tots so much is the amazing staff. They truly care about the kiddos that are enrolled in the program. Kids are greeted by name as they come through the front door, and asked how their class was before they leave.

My kids, especially my youngest, eagerly anticipate the days that they go to Aqua Tots.

The winter is a fantastic time to start lessons or continue building on the base that your children have. My kids have fewer chances to play outside with their friends due to the frigid weather, so time in the pool allows them to get the wiggles out while honing their skills.

Once a month, Aqua Tots offers open swim free of charge, for the families enrolled in the program. Parents need to be in the water with their kids during open swim, but it is a fun chance to check out the pool for yourself.

How Aqua Tots has made a difference for my family

Just a few months into our time with Aqua Tots we had a trip to the beach scheduled. I was very eager to see how our time would change. I was not disappointed. My kids did endless numbers of cannonballs into the pool and the best part was that my husband and I didn’t feel like we had  to be in the pool with them. While we certainly played a ton as a family, when my kids wanted to get more pool time in, we were so comfortable with them playing while we watched poolside.

Wondering if there is an Aqua Tots Swim Schools in your area? You can check for locations here. Check out the video below for a glimpse into a swim lesson at Aqua Tots.


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