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The Best Theme Parks for Families (that aren’t Disney)

The Best Theme Parks for Families (that aren’t Disney)

If your family is anything like mine, you have an adult in the family who is measuring and remeasuring the kids, waiting in anticipation for the day that they can ride the roller coasters with them.

We decided to break down theme parks into age groups from toddlers to teenagers. There is something for everyone in this list!

Best Theme Parks for Toddlers/ Early Elementary aged Children: 

Sesame Place – Is located in Pennsylvania about 30 minutes from Philadelphia. They have been operating for 35 seasons this May! The park is divided into different areas like Cookie Monster’s Land, Elmo’s World, and Big Bird’s Rambling River to name a few. General Admission Tickets are $65 for ages 2 and up. There are some package deals that that include area hotel stays. Sesame Place opens for the season in early May.

Seuss Landing at Universal Studios Orlando – Located in Orlando, Florida. While Universal isn’t exactly what you think of when you thinking of taking smaller kids to a theme park, there are some pretty awesome rides for smaller kids in the park. This option would be a great one for families with older kids as well, because the older kids can ride the bigger rides, while the little guys ride the Caro-Seuss-el. Tickets are $147 per adult and $142 for children for 1 day passes; the price decreases if you buy 2 or 3 day passes.

LegoLand California – Located in Carlsbad California, this is every Lego lovers dream! It offer rides that bigger kids can enjoy as well as plenty of options for the smaller kiddos. The park has Duplo Land and just like the sets that are geared towards smaller children, Duplo Land is also geared for smaller kids. The police and fire academy attraction is my kids’ ideal attraction! You and your family can ride in ‘lego’ firetrucks or police cars and race other families all while putting out fires and apprehending bad guys. In addition to the fantastic park, the Legoland Hotel will prove to be a blast for your family during your stay. Tickets for the park are $109 per adult and $103 for children 3 and up.

Best Theme Parks for Older Kids:

Kings Island – Located in Mason, Ohio. Kings Island has rides for the whole family. Coasters like the Beast, Son of Beast and the Vortex, to name just a few, will satisfy the thrill seekers in your family! Kings Island also has Planet Snoopy that is geared towards little kids. Ticket prices are $44.99 for a 1-day visit.

Cedar Point – Located in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point is often referred to as the roller coaster capital of the world. They have a ton of roller coasters, obviously but Cedar Point also has a really cool area called Dinosaurs Alive. Dinosaurs Alive has 50 life-sized dinosaurs and a hands-on dig site for dinosaur lovers of all ages! Ticket prices start at $39.99 for a 1-day ticket.

Busch Gardens– Located in Williamsburg, VA. Busch Gardens has quite a few roller coasters, a huge water park and some special areas geared towards smaller kids. A single day ticket is $75.00 for ages 10 and up and $65 for ages 3-9.

Knotts Berry Farm – Located in Buena Park, CA.  A trip to Knotts Berry Farm will surely put a smile on the faces of your family. They have roller coasters galore, traditional midway-type rides (remember riding the scrambler?) as well as water rides. Knotts Berry Farm also has a hotel designed for those who are coming to the theme park, complete with a snoopy themed area for the little ones to play. If you purchase tickets online, tickets are $43.00 for a single day pass.


Which of these theme parks has your family visited?

The Best Theme Parks for Families(that aren't Disney)