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Things to do in Memphis with kids…that parents will love too!

Things to do in Memphis with kids…that parents will love too!

If you’ve ever heard the song by Mark Cohen, called “Walking in Memphis,” then chances are you have wondered about the things to do in this historic town. Even more likely, if you have kids, you may have wondered if you could keep them entertained in a town like Memphis.

The short answer is a resounding yes, there are a ton of things to do in Memphis with kids that will entertain everyone in your party. Here’s what we found while we were in town.

Things to do in Memphis with Kids:

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Children's Museum of Memphis

This museum was perfect for my boys who were 6 and 8 at the time of our visit. There is a lot of extremely interactive exhibits packed into the space.

The area that the boys loved the most was the mini Kroger, it was a grocery store set up with food items shop for and registers set up to scan the items in shopper’s grocery carts and at the end of the ‘transaction,’ there is a very real looking receipt that prints out. Y’all, we practically had to drag my kiddos out of this area to make room for the other kids who wanted to play.

Interactive grocery store area at Children's Museum of Memphis

There was an area with a Fed Ex cargo plane that had a cockpit to sit in full of the controls that pilots use to fly the plane, a conveyor belt that carried packages up, through the plane and back down a chute.

Outside there is a fantastic play area with a really fun basketball court, that had various height goals, and ways to make the baskets, additionally there is a typical play structure area that includes 2 zip lines.  In the summer, there is a splash area that is perfect for cooling off.

Fire Museum of Memphis

Fire Museum of Memphis.

This stop was an impromptu, totally unplanned visit. We just happened to be driving by and my youngest son spotted it. My husband is a firefighter, so the kiddos are very in tuned to spots like that museum.

The majority of the museum is in the original Memphis firehouse dating back to 1910 when horses were the only horsepower behind pulling the apparatus. There was a firetruck driving simulator, kid-sized turn out gear for little ones to wear, an ambulance (larger than normal, my husband pointed out) to explore and even a small poll to slide down.

As a mom, the area that I liked the most is the area that guides kids (and adults alike) through a situation where they have to crawl to get out, feeling with the backs of their hands the doors to make sure that it is safe to exit via that door.  Although, I love watching my boys enjoy playing and exploring, seeing them experience valuable learning situations is more important than anything else to me.

Memphis Zoo

My oldest son adores going to the zoo, so when he heard that the Memphis Zoo had pandas he couldn’t wait to go to the zoo. When we went it was raining, and I am going to be pretty transparent here, I don’t enjoy doing much in the rain beyond sitting on my couch and reading a book.

So, I was a bit crabby.

However, the rest of my family trudged through the rain, splashing in puddles along the way.

We didn’t see the zoo in its entirety, but the parts that we did see, were very well done. Particularly China, the area that housed the panda bears.

If you go, be sure to bring some extra cash because there are experiences that can be added on that your kiddos are going to want to do. Feeing giraffes and riding camels? Sign us up.

Sun Studios

Sun Studios in Memphis

If you and your family are fans of music, this is a stop that can’t be missed. With names like Elvis, Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, there is some history that has walked through the doors of this humble building.

Step inside and a soda fountain set up and t-shirts for sale greet you. If you are there to check out the history of the place then, it will cost you. Tours run every half hour at the bottom of the hour and sell out quickly, they are about an hour in length, so plan accordingly.


No article about what to do in Memphis is complete without a mention of Graceland. Afterall, the King of Rock and Roll made it his home during his career. Recently, the property went under some renovation. If the last time you visited Graceland was years and years ago, it may just be time for a return trip.

The car enthusiast in your group will love strolling through his auto collection. The natural born performer will get a kick out of checking out the costumes that he wore during performances. The design lover will love to see the style in his house.

Are you picking up with I am putting down? Basically, there is something for everyone at Graceland, no matter what their interests are.

Take a look at all the different things that there are to do and see at Graceland.

Things to do in Memphis with Kids

No matter what you decide to do when you visit Memphis, there is a lot for families to see and do. Have you been before? If so, what was your favorite thing that you did? If not, what do you think you will try first?

Allison and her family were hosted by Visit Memphis for the purpose of this article but her opinions are her own.

Things to do in Memphis with kids...that parents will love too!